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Monday, March 31, 2008

Your shoe's untied!

I wanted to be the first to play an April Fool's trick on you! So I'm early, so sue me! We used to open a bottle of beer and pour it into a glass and hide it in the refrigerator and then fill it full of water and put the cap back on for when Dad got home from work. Thing is, he always knew we were going to do it but he was such a good sport. It was just when we changed the salt and sugar around and he put salt on his Rice Chex that he wasn't too happy. I used to call in and say I was quitting my job and then show up before my boss had stopped pissing and moaning about it. I called in "mentally ill" and went out and got blasted...oops! I digress! That was just tooooo long ago to write about (well, the beer episode was longer ago, but as I say, forget that one!) My favorite is "your shoe's untied" and almost always everyone looks down, even those who are barefoot or wearing slip-on shoes. Ha! Tee hee hee. But I don't like jokes played on me. Funny how that is, eh? Maybe it was all the humiliation I suffered as a child from having a boy's name or being the 2nd tallest kid in kindergarten (felt like a monster at that age) and my brother was this teeny little thing. If he was around, I'd call him right now and tell him, "Hey, your shoe's untied, you son of a bitch! Why'd you have to go and fall asleep at the wheel and run that stop sign and smash yourself into oblivion?" Damn it! I'll have to let go of that one of these days soon. People are starting to talk. Well, they're not because I won't let them. I don't answer the phone a lot and I don't return messages. I do send cards and letters, though. Maybe that's the coward's way. I get to say whatever I want and no one can ask me anything I don't feel up to answering. I like it when people just say, "So how are you doing?" and I know they mean: "Are you getting it together yet, SisSTAR?" the Jester, The Fool, the Crank, the Trickster, Kokopelli, the Coyote, the Stooge ... I wish you all out in our viewing audience an APRIL FOOL'S!!!!!! Don't fool yourself, you ARE too special! You are damn awesome and wonderful and I love you!
SisSTAR xoxoxoxo
P.S. I can hardly wait for the frogs to start chirping from the pond!! I hope my baby bullfrogs have been having a peaceful slumber thru this long-assed winter!

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jeff said...

It's finally April !! Salt in his sugar ? That sounds cruel . I bet he loved every minute of it .