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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio today

Happy Full Moon!

Looked out at the night sky last night and it was just beautiful. When I was a kid I saw the moon not with a face but with a figure similar to Mickey Mouse shooting a bow and arrow in it. It took me far into adulthood to realize that others did not see this!?? Then I spoke with my Dad one time and he said he always saw an archer. Hmmmm! Do you suppose he told me that pre-memory recall? Then I had an album (remember those?) with all female musicians my brother gave me and one of the songs was "Woman in the Moon" and it was so beautiful. Then I began to see the "face" on the moon as a woman's and last night she was perfectly upright with her melancholy face and her slightly Mona Lisa smile and she was peachy colored. Since I work for two psychiatrists and fully believe, from experience, that there is more, shall we say, emotional ups and downs, "mental" activity going on during the lunar "lunacy" ... there were more than double the messages today, some quite frantic to be seen TODAY (didn't happen). Fortunately, I felt pretty balanced and peaceful and capable today and happy to help others.

I got a fwd of "animal lovers" photos today and copied a few, the above post being one of them. I call it the "yin/yang cat and dog" and even though it's not related to a full moon per se, it is a testament to being able to get along.

We are so excited that our niece, Becky, is coming to visit us this weekend. We have probably had a total of 2!!!! visitors briefly so far THIS YEAR! so to have someone we really love and want to visit with spend the night, well, it's such a great reason to clean the house - ha ha! She is driving 2 hrs to get here and we appreciate the effort. (And if you're reading this, Beck, thanks so much for coming!! We'll do our best not to let you down!)

I got to sit in my McIntosh Apple Tree today before work. It is in full blossom as are the other trees in our little orchard, and I hope the blossoms will last for awhile so I can sit there again and maybe get to whistle-call back and forth with some migratory birds like tanagers or orioles that like to feast on the blossoms. I can sit in the crotch of the tree and they never know I'm there. It is one of my favorite things to do ever. I always thought it'd be great to build a tree house in that tree, but I somehow don't think that's going to happen. But I can dream!

I wish you all a wonderful springtime, lots of flowers to pick and smell and put in pretty vases, and feast your eyes outside in Mother Nature with the beauty and the bounty that is our Home. Thank you, Mother Earth!

Love Your Mother!


Love from,

Your SisSTAR





Friday, April 16, 2010

Tuffy Boy

TGIFF yeah two "F"s

In a perfect world, this would've been my cat as a kitten growing up with his own "bunny" who he learned to love and Bun loved him back. But not my Tuffy Boy! Nope! Right out the kitchen window last Friday night saw him unburying a baby bunny from its nest in the purple creeping phlox (he'd already gotten 2 that Jeff witnessed earlier in the week). I kept trying to "teach" him not to go there. I was a fool, but I love bunnies, too. So in horror I go chase him away and the Mama Bunny was trying to divert his attention at her and as he chased her Mama Mia was chasing Tuffy with a birch tree branch and then went up on the rock wall and retrieved the baby bunny so he couldn't finish eating it ;o( He had killed it beforehand, thankfully for that! And he ate its leg. Oh, Jesus! It was very sad. I wrapped him up with his bunny fur nest pieces and gave him a funeral in the trash bag. The next day I came home and saw something yellow in the myrtle groundcover. I thought it was a flower. It was a little yellow finch ;o( ... I do believe it ran into a window and broke its neck, as it wasn't bothered in any other way (unless Tuffy sat on it and suffocated the poor thing). I looked at it, its black little beady eyes staring at me ... its little feet as if on some invisible perch. There's a singer I really have started to like the last year named Imogen Heap from England and she sings a song called "Little Bird" ... I was playing that CD that night. Yes, Little Yellow Bird got a gentle wrapping of pretty paper toweling and a funeral in the trash bag. Then we got ants all over in the cupboard the next day and Jeff had a huge massacre and cleaning out the cupboards, putting any food not in cans in the refrigerator. So as the garbage and recycle contents this week were taken away, I waved goodbye to all the little tiny deaths and funerals going by the wayside. Such is life.

I had a really nice long talk with my niece tonight. She occasionally reads my blog and that makes me happy. (Hi, Becky!) Looking fwd to her visiting us soon. It'll be grand!

Well, I've been writing and writing ... letters, emails, blog comments, posting this ... whew! I am just about written out. My fingers get me in trouble. I absolutely LOVE to type! By the time I was in 9th grade, I typed 65 wpm the first semester. Before I graduated high school, I typed 100 wpm. I busted 120 wpm at a lot of job interviews. That was pre-keyboard of the computer type. Some of those are slick, but sometimes I miss that solid stream of thought on the old IBM Selectric with the little element balls of different type. That's waaayyyyy Old School, but I was one of two "girls" in typing in 11th or 12th grade who had the electric typewriters! Geez! Only 2! Now there are computers everywhere ... little children having their own cell phones, laptops, ipods this, mp3 that, apps up the wazoo ... and, phooeeeyyyy! I'll just keep on typing away and occasionally I even use a PEN!!! with INK in it! Do you believe it??? I even use a pencil, a mechanical pencil I prefer but I really don't like using pencil. I love my Waterman pen but the damned ink keeps running out. So ... is cheap better? Sitting here paying for cable, my thoughts and power typing is free ... listening to Imi Heap blasting out ... and waiting for my Honey to come home. Should be soon now. I never even took my nap I needed so badly today. Just feel wired. If I went to a psychiatrist I'd probably be diagnosed bipolar ... but instead I just work for them. Works for me! I'm up, I'm down, I'm over and all around. I'm high, I'm low, I'm whatever the fuck I want to be when I want to be it ... at least in my highly evolved imagination! So...Little Bird, Little Bird, where have you gone?

Don't think poorly of my cat, Tuffy Boy. I love him so much that the fact he is a serial killer of bunnies and who knows what all? (One year a ground hog!) I suffer from my love of him. And it is worth it. I could look at him as "population control". He, afterall, had to get neutered so that in itself has helped not have more innocent baby strays out there with no one to love them and no one to care or shelter or protect them. Whenever I happen to run across that situation, should the horror show itself again right in my face, I will never allow the carnage ... won't allow him to munch down on baby bunnies. There's lots of predators around here ... big! hawks, herons (stabbing and choking down our goldfish and an occasional bullfrog!) ... feral cats ... people!

I got a book at Sally's today called ZEN by Alan Watts. I know me and that book are going to have a really nice relationship. Ah, the sanctity of life in all its myriad forms. And to that I will bid you adieu and wish you well with many blessings. Our Lunaria (a/k/a Money Plant) are growing a lot and some blooming already! So we are growing money! You see, Mom was wrong! It might not grow on trees, but it does grow into a nice shrubby bush and you can have little purple flowers and then make the "coins" ... the part about trying to go out and spend them is another thing, but I digress..................nightie night!

Love from your SisSTAR

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Moon in April

Well, it's not a new moon yet, but it will be on the 14th. I put a new header photo up there of a pic I got fwd'd to me this past wkend. It looks a lot like our kitty, Tuffy, and we do have between 3-7 deer who roam around our little +/- 2 acres ... there's a lot of wild property surrounding us and a little creek for them to follow, but just a very short distance away is one of the heaviest intersections in the county and we are pretty much in the "city" once you leave our road. We get fined now if we feed the deer, but we have always fed the birds and critters and even if we didn't put any cracked corn, etc. on the ground, the deer come right up to the fence and eat out of the bird feeder! I was sitting out in the little orchard (another place they get "accidentally fed" when it's harvest time--since we don't spray the fruit, it is for them and other critters) ... I heard a snort and saw Tuffy walking tenuously out of the weeds and I was on the other side of the old McIntosh apple tree when I turned around and saw a doe staring at me. She came into the orchard where it is mowed and was really, really close to me and kept snorting and stomping her front hooves! I was reading a newspaper and knew that I had to be real cool ... one of my first thoughts was of me being trompled in the face with little doe hooves! So I talked really low and gentle to her and she kept stomping ... and then I put the newspaper slowly up to my face and turned her way and, whew! she went flying down into the wooded area with her white tail up in the air and disappeared. That was a close one...and I'm sure she had a fawn or fawns close by she was protecting. Anyway...I wanted to share that little story, for no particular reason. Everything seems to be mating now ... I saw two mourning doves getting down on the phone wires! That's a balancing act if I ever saw one! And there were two red and black beetles going for it on the rock wall. Birds are doing their little mating dances and cooings and there is a pair (with an extra male hanging around) of mallards in the pond doing some strange head bobbing dance.
Well, speaking of mates ... mine just got home from work and I will close this now and go out and greet him. I feel really blessed to live here in my childhood home with him ... and Tuffy Boy and all the critters and birds......and many memories.
Love from your SisSTAR xoxoxo