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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Noon on Wednesday ...

Hello again!
Photo of tiny little fairy a friend brought over to our home for a little "photo shoot". She made an excellent model except for falling and hiding in the grass and bushes a few times. We had lots of fun with her and it inspired me to look around the house for other little "folks" to photograph.

Some of you may remember my stories of Winky and Dinka ... little goofy stories I made up to remember my cousin Walt (Wink) and brother Dana (Dinka) after they'd died six years ago. Then Wink's brother Gary (above left--Gnary) also died 5 mos later so mysteriously, without knowing, a nice neighbor put that little gnome in my mailbox for me to find. When I saw these mushrooms growing like crazy by the side door, I knew there was another photo shoot in the making! I took lots! of them but here is just one for my bloggie souls out there. I also LOVE the chrysacolla gemstones I used with them ... they are some of my favorites! They remind me of Mother Earth. Actually, they ARE from Mother Earth and sometimes I feel bad when so much of her has been mined and taken for folks like me to purchase or find and stash away in our collections. I do try to give back to Mom Earth so that perhaps I will be forgiven my love for so many rocks ... I love to hold them and look at them ... sometimes I sleep with them under my pillow or just hold them ... and, of course, I love to wear some jewelry ... give me raw gems...polished, yes, but no need for diamonds for me! Look at a cubic zirconia ... doesn't look different much without a jeweler's eye, but you can't pretend with an awesome chunk of Mom ... amethysts, garnets, turquoise, rhodochrosite, and one I DID buy in jewelry form...a ring with Moldavite! last week. I splurged ... it is referred to as the "only extraterrestrial gemstone quality tektite" and even though if I didn't know what it was I wouldn't be fond of its green color, I love it now. I also feel strongly that each rock holds its own metaphysical properties and that is another aspect I resonate with.

I wanted to stop by so as to give myself a boost to get back into the practice of writing on here. Bear with me while I slowly get back into gear ... it's been a while and I used to love posting and commenting with friends. The Blogger has changed quite a bit since I first got on here, I think, in 2008 or so ... and I'll keep checking in and maybe someday again an old friend or even a new one will stop by and leave a comment or two. I leave you now with the words of Wavy Gravy, host supreme of the original Woodstock:

"There is always a little Heaven in a disaster area!"
from your SisSTAR

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yes, I've been addicted to Facebook ;o(

How do I begin?
firsts of all, I'll take baby steps and see where they lead me!
I cannot believe that it has been since January!!! that I last posted here! I know, I know, stick my face into "facebook" and I seem to disappear from view for hours upon hours! I'm famous for friending and unfriending at a whim ... not really a whim, but whenever it seems that if a 'friend' isn't interested in communicating, then what's the point, eh?
I have thought about some of my wonderful 'old' blog friends from days of yore! I am thrilled that Dancin' Fool is one of my fb friends also! I can keep track of her a little that way, except I was thrilled to see some of her older blog posts just now! I have some catching up to do.
This photo shows me on my wonderful kitchen lineoleum ... which came from a "staycation" quite a few years ago when we had time off but nowhere to go, or so it seemed. So with money I would've vacationed somewhere with, I chose to re-do the kitchen floor and buy an awesome "art" table and chairs for our little kitchen to spruce it up a bit and make it more "my own" ... it having been my mother's for many, many years.
The name of this lineoleum was Twinkle Rosaborealis or something like that ... the ad suggested it'd be great in a child's bathroom! Huh??? No way! It's spread all over the kitchen in all its glory and it makes dancing in the kitchen so much more fun!
let's see if I can find the table now.....
it's a little covered up with placemats but it's a "Color Study" by Kandinsky ... when I realized who Kandinsky was and his artwork, I was quite surprised I fell in love with it so much. I wanted "Sleeping June" or whatever that painting was of the beautiful young girl sleeping with her orange dress flowing all over in a heap ... then I realized I didn't want my husband eating off her skirt! tee hee! The "fat-butt" black chairs don't show here much either, but they are great and have served us well. The table also has a special chrome insert to make it a "pub table" so we can think we are tipping our steins somewhere classy now and then! usually we're too lazy to change them around and haul in the "pub chairs" ... But ... all this is pretty common drivel I type but I just wanted to make sure that I could still have a go at it!
The end of April I finally broke down and bought a digital camera. I have been having great fun on it and posting stuff on our NEW computer also ... yes, usually on facebook! I just realized, with great relish, that my blog would be a wonderful place to share my photos, just as I always have loved to do!!!
I always have been eating vegetarian for over a year now ... and have felt pretty good about that. I have wanted to make more of a change to vegan and it's amazing to realize how MUCH that can involve! Like, I never knew!!! that 35 mm film is made from gelatin, which is made from animal bones! Yikes! And I have loved my Canon T50 for so long! or that match heads have gelatin on them somehow??
I'm willing to give up honey, cheese--one of these days, ice cream--any time now!, and on and on. Sad to say, that "new" car we bought last year is complete with all leather interior, which at the time seemed "luxe" but now it just seems like I am sad to be sitting on the hide of a dead cow (I can only hope it isn't any other poor dead animal!) ... we were sort of in a rush to get another vehicle since my 17yr old T-Bird had rotted away from the frame ;o( ... I cried as they drove her off, donated her to the Vietnam Vets of Michigan...wasn't even able to get the tax deduction of $1,600 we were given receipt laws had changed ... grrrrrr, crap, damn, frick! But, hopefully it went to a good cause and someone somewhere is riding to a decent job in my beautiful old T-Bird, moonlight blue with mocha cloth!!! interior.....I will remember that cloth interior NEXT time I'm in the market for a vehicle!
It's way past the middle of August now and we haven't been anywhere this summer. Maybe in our dreams we have, and we did have a 5-day "staycation" again ... sometimes it's just easier to stay home than to fight the road construction everywhere and the traffic ... and we'd miss our Tuffy Boy!
(Tuffy Boy is awesome!)
We have had Tuf now for nearly 6 years. He showed up on our Mandy Girl's grave when I was weeding flowers ... a few weeks after my cousin, brother and dog had died, here is this beautiful orange tabby cat flopping down at my feet crying and reowing for mercy and it was something I was not ready all! I tried to discourage him from staying ... I didn't want to deal with loving and losing another pet ... but the Universe had another plan ... and ...I BETTER STOP!!! I nearly lost this post with some techno glitch ... and found it hidden somewhere!
SO!!!!! I will leave you with a promise that I shall return much more regularly ... and try my best not to be so very mundane as I have just now! It was my practice trial run of getting back into the game, the blogger game! I have missed you and am excited to share again ... Thanks again if anyone has waded through ... You are sent highest and best blessings from your
SisSTAR Kylita!!!!
Nightie Night, Bloggie Souls!
(gotta go back to dancin' in the kitchen!)