SisSTARS for PEACE ... Proud to be for Peace and Love...War is Not an Answer!
"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my good friend Jane!!!

This is a photo of my good buddy that I stole off her digital camera when she visited us awhile ago. She lives in Frankfort and I found out this past week that she was skiing Crystal Mtn and !!! broke her collarbone, fractured several ribs and fractured her shoulder blade!!! Ouch, Jane! That sounds just god-awful! I hope you are getting some good rest and maybe reading my "boog" now and then. (That's my favorite name for it since "blog" is so ugly...that way I'm boogying ;o)
Thanks also to Barb who is helping to care for her and the two lady dogs who are undoubtedly helpful, too. Just remember how fun you were having kayaking and maybe perhaps you'll have to put "skiing" on the back burner for now, eh? (That's Canadian for "eh?")
We look fwd to springtime when we can come up there for a good visit. I look fwd to walking on the beach in Frankfort and meeting Barb and Jay and the dogs. Can you hear the foghorn from where you are? I always loved the foghorn. Well...once again, Happy Birthday!!! Oprah has nothing over you, Babe!!! You're the best! Love & "gentle" hugs ... and be assured I will be doing some good Reconnective Healing work for you from where I am. Nightie night! Love, SisSTAR

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Ize Have It

Today should I:
  • organize
  • theorize
  • categorize
  • patronize or
  • platonize?

Or should I:

  • compromise
  • and close my eyes
  • to the
  • few tries
  • to recognize and
  • legitimize
  • the reasons for
  • my heavy sighs?

--no more whys

no more lies

no more need

to eulogize. -klh

Sis*STAR* in the Af-*firmament*

I Am open and receptive to the powers of Grace, Awareness and Abundance in my life now. I ask to be shown and to recognize those energies so that I might take advantage of the valuable opportunities therein, and I SURRENDER knowing Something! far greater, more positive, loving and abundant than I have imagined is on its way Here an Now ... and I am grateful.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Looks like serpents kissing or the Celtic Claddagh formed out of one of many branches that fell down from a 50' Tree of Heaven which is near a natural spring-fed well ... the far left of it where you can't see how it's twice that length and has what looks like a giant dowsing rod going into the ground, which I think is quite remarkable given the fact that the well is there, not to mention my last name as Haswell. Just some musings for 2 a.m. to share. The tree is still very alive and the branch has much growth from it, and right now it is in the depths of winter covered in snow. Quite beautiful and magical to me.
Sending out blessings from the Tree of Heaven (which there are many on our little 2 acres) and a peaceful slumber in your cozy beds.
KLH-Keep Laughin' Honey! ^;^ purrrrrrrrrrr

Saturday Night's All Right for Shining On!!

This is my Darlin' Jeffrey waving hello to the Ethers-that-Be out there. The Rhodochrosite horse and rabbit stand for our Eastern astrological signs of Horse and Hare. Their positions vary depending on how we're getting along ... we've been getting along quite well, hence the loving couple. ;o)
We are having a fun and relaxing Saturday, lots of snow, some shopping...corner bookstore going out of business, downtown festivities called "Fire & Ice" with ice sculptures and fireworks, having Cobb salads
and walking around window shopping and seeing people happy and little children bundled up looking like "what the hell?" as they clip clop along in their Belgian drafthorse carriage rides amidst tons of traffic (thankfully the horses had their blinders on). Went into a Spy Shop and laughed at the bizarre shit you can get, "teddy bear nanny cam", baseball hats with all sorts of official looking ominous assorted organizations (DEA, Narcotics Squad, etc), tiny little cameras for all your spy needs. Went into Legends of Time Native American store and got myself a string of lapis and another of malachite, and some postcards of teepees and Chief Joseph, etc. Now after way too many episodes of Family Guy (love to hear Jeff laugh so hard, but...) we're getting ready to go to Sally's (the local Salvation Army...voted #1 in The World!) just 1/2 mile away. We don't venture far from home. Even my 2 jobs are in the same bldg, on the same floor, 10 min drive away. Call me rooted. I was told I was a Bedouin in a past life and have moved 25 times, used to move at the drop of a hat. Now it feels so cozy to sit here on our little 2 acre nature preserve and watch the snow fall and the seasons change outside the picture window.

Well, that's my boogying for tonight. Gotta catch Sally's to see what their hourly sales are! Cheap thrills! Oh yeah, Baby!!! And she once again rolls right along..............Love & hugs, SisSTARs xoxo

Introducing Tuffy Boy

And she rolls along far into the night... the Feline (me) has kissed the Equine (husband) goodnight and after nodding and bobbing for the duration of the Beatles' movie HELP! which dear husband wanted to watch, now I am bright and chipper like a good kitty ^;^ . Tuffy Boy (isn't he a handsome little devil) had played out with Dad's bathrobe belt and a sock full of catnip and he's sacked out now, too. So here I sit boogering away (oops! sorry, blogging!) to the Ethers-that-be. This awesome tomcat came to me while I was weeding flowers on our dog Mandy's grave. She had died 10 days after my brother and we buried her in the yard with lavender, a Rose of Sharon and an old fashioned rosebush on her grave. All of a sudden I heard this howling, rowrhing noise and this tabby cat had jumped off our rock wall and run to me, flopping down on the ground at my feet, right on the grave, and I thought it was a female in heat. I freaked! No, no! Not a cat! The last cat I had many yrs ago broke my heart when I had to put him to sleep--his name was Morvern's Roaring Rufus of Himihaven--Rufus. I never wanted another cat. But week after week this gorgeous boy kept at it and we finally had the vet come to the house and check him out. That was his first visit inside. His crying and howling reminded me of my own mournful cries while I was home alone grieving the loss of my brother--and I pondered on the possibility that Tuffy (named after my own Mom's nickname and a cat I'd had as a child named the same) had heard me when he was hiding out on the rock wall because it is underneath the corner kitchen window where I do a lot of staring out into space, playing percussion on the stainless steel sink, dancing and singing...and crying like a wounded animal after Dana's death. In any event....enough about that. I did want to introduce Tuffy Boy/Tuf Guy/Tuffster, TuffyMuffyPuffyWuffyFluffyTuffy (oh yeah, it gets sickening). He rules the house now. You should see the recliner. It is shredded. And I don't give a shit! I just don't. He has my heart, and even my husband who is a total dog person has fallen in love with this little dude.
I was so happy to hear from my friend Holly today. She makes me smile and makes me grateful to know her. Thanks, Budette! I was also happy that I forked over $25 (incl tip!) for an awesome haircut on my way home from work. This was the first time in over 4 yrs that I "let" someone cut my hair other than myself. I am so gorgeous. Even the spot underneath in back where last week a burgundy silk nightgown decided to turn my neck, torso, armpits, breasts...and it seems now hair also! bright pink!!! The hair stylist said, "This part is purple!" After 3 washings, I still have some nightie dye in my hair. Guess it was a hot flash that night, eh? I'm a real Sweathard!
Well, SisSTARS (and Bruthas, too) ... goodnight Darlings and sweet dreams befall you. Maybe I'll see you there! *** SisSTAR Kylita ;o)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SisSTAR Rolls Along....

Hello friends and strangers ... stranger than most ! First of all, I don't want you to think that I actually look like this now! Oh, no, no, no! Long ago and far away, in a time before the wages of grief and finding the "middle of
road" way of life, there once was a crazy lady who loved to have fun and laugh so loud she was always asked, "What are you on?" I was high on life! yes, I truly was! If I'm brave enough, someday I'll post a picture of the current me, but let me just have fun for the moment in reminiscing about being younger and more lovely. Let me think on these things. I was the oldest child and my baby brother has already died nearly 1-1/2 yrs ago. We had a strong sibling rivalry and love/hate relationship. I miss him in a way only the regretful can. I'd even take a knuckle punch in the arm or a "WHOOO!" close up in the ear, or the proverbial finger-pointing on the chest and when you look down, "whump!" his finger flies up and twonks you in the nose! I got a lot better at fending that one off. I've never blogged. A friend has begun to blog and a blogger I will be ... I don't want to fall by the wayside of techie-ville totally. But I tire ... I have nothing to say right now. I just wanted to figure out how to actually be a blogger (I would rather call it a booger!) So...SisSTAR of the C.O.D.E. will sign out for now. Oh, yeah, that means "Childless Orphan Daughters of the Evolution... choosing to evolve and evolving to code." Got that? Does anyone out there fit the schema of a SisSTAR? Say hello if you do, or if you don't. It's not what I chose to be...well, I did choose to be childless. I didn't choose, as far as I know, to be an orphan. I miss being a daughter. More anon... and she Rolls along. ^;^ meow