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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Remembering Mandy Girl

Hi there, Bloggie Souls! I have missed you so much! It has been such a blessing revisiting some of my faves listed at the bottom of my profile! Hi Holly, Hi Rhi, Hi Dancin', Hi Linn!!! Wish I would've "followed" more as I lost my "favorites" on the computer when switching browsers, didn't import when I'd thought they had. Waah!
Yes...Missing Mandy Girl...she's been dead 5 yrs now, shortly after my brother and cousin ... glad it is 5 yrs behind me, but it still threw me for a downturn the past while, coming out on the other side with good thoughts and pride in myself for having my "good grief" no matter what anyone else thought about my obsessiveness with thoughts of
I posted a few swiped photos from email fwds (don't you LOVE the "Laughin' Ass!" and that crazy pair of Dog/Orangutan! I posted that on my husband's facebook to give him a laugh when he woke up today. Yes, I've been on facebook WAAYYYY too much, but it's fun to get occasional instant return on small investments of posts and I just plain love bugging people! I am not a "friend hog" as I've rounded the corner to about 30, I guess...and 4 or 5 of those was the past week when I've gotten braver and more bolden and brass and accepted "strangers" into my circle. Some say it was because of my "humor" seen on their friends' posts from me. HUMOR? Moi? YA MON!
(I started a "Ya Mon!" comment which blazed a few tiny trails on fb pages, which was fun as it's a great comment for just about any post! It came about while viewing a fb friend in Florida's "night flight" on his bike and taking photos of various establishments and scenarios. One place just reminded me of Jamaican type stuff so the dreadlocks sprouted out of my pink head/white hairness and the urge to post YA MON! hit me. I think I've posted 100s now ... I try being a nuisance whenever it works ;oD
Well, me 'n Jeffrey just had freshly ground morning coffee with a Deep Intense dark chocolate Ghiardelli melted in the bottom and a dark chocolate Nonni Biscotti dunker(s)! Do you believe he was able to grind those beans forever and this SisSTAR was too busy in Dreamland to even hear him!??? And I am a very light sleeper! (except when I'm dreaming ... I probably incorporated the sound into those technicolor, way-too-busy scenes where I feel like I'm in a half dozen or so movies every night and esp early in the morning just before I wake up with a JOLT! and think, Wake Up, Kyle! Get up and get into Reality! Sometimes it's just exhausting to sleep ^;^
That's the problem with me blogging...the fingers don't know when to stop and I'm never quite sure if the brain is fully engaged @;@ One thing is for sure ... my regular wpm speed is 120 and give me this coffee extraordinaire and, well, I'm wide-awake buzzed on dark chocolate and coffee...and I rarely drink coffee or colas any more ... I get high sniffing Snapple tea! Truly I do! Let's just say I stayed up until 4 a.m. when I discovered that I still had Little Fish Tail blog and even realized that Second Edition (Holly, darling..) had commented 6 wks ago on a post of my own! Wowie! That was good for another hour until I realized if I was gonna share morning coffee treat with my Honey, I'd better get my ass to bed! Now I better get my bunnies offa here and get with the program. 1st x in quite awhile Jeff nor I have to work on a Saturday morning! Yeah!!! Fun things planned this weekend ... making it lazy and exhilarating all the same...and we are taking his sister, Linda, to Ruby Tuesday's tomorrow ... just found out she may very well be moving to Georgia by Labor Day! She lives about 10-12 miles away and we never visit each other! How dumb! We truly don't seem to miss people....
.....until they 
...and so I'm missing Mandy Girl ... I put a really awesome lead crystal candlestick on her grave with a tan and white marble orb on top of it and when the Sun hits it it'll smack me right in the face and eyeballs from the kitchen window! BEAM!!!!
Love you, Mandy Girl!
Love you much!

from your

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where has the time gone!?

Hello from your SisSTAR!!
Seems as though this summer is flying by and the heat has been tremendous, even for us Michigan folk! Yes, I hear that Texas has ben over 100 degrees for about a month?? Way over in some cases. I feel for ya there, peoples!! But this is Michigan and hitting 100 last one day so far. But it has been in the 90s for way too long to suit me. I am a winter baby and I can truthfully say that I don't mind winter, you can pile on clothing and bundle up in blankets, even IF we put our thermostat at 60 degrees! But in the summertime you can go buck naked and (OK, I'll speak for myself only here) and you can still sweat buckets. It always pours out of my head like a fountain (Fountainhead?) and falls in my eyes and funky-fies up my new glasses @;@ ... and I'm trying to be so very careful with them. At nearly $500 I don't want any scratches or ill-fitting going on. I spent a good 7-8 yrs with the same pair that was lopsided, scratched so bad, and the nosepieces had fallen off, metal cutting into my nose - ouch! and even though my wonderful husband had new bows put on for me, the crappy "faux metal" on the sides disintegrated quickly, making funky greenish marks on the sides of my head from the oxidation. It was a great look, let me tell ya!
Oh, by the way! The photo above is my new car! After 17 yrs but merely 101,500 miles! we had to give up on my 1994 T-Bird. Called the Vietnam Veterans of Michigan and they came and got it the next day. They were impressed by it, though. New tires...full tank of gas...air conditioning still worked, and they figured they could probably get $1,000 for it to help someone out along the way. That made me feel a lot better. Plus we were given a $1,700+ income tax deduction for next year's taxes. I never had a car for 17 years. It had 3 miles on it when we got it. The new one is a Saturn Aura XR 2007 with under 38,000. It is midnight blue with black leather interior (ouch in the sunshine!) with a "moon roof". In fact, mostly all I've been able to do is drive to and from work in bumper to bumper road construction traffic with hardly enough time to listen to one song on the CD player. So last night after leaving work and a friend's house, I was hearing a particularly wonderful new CD my husband bought by Warren Haynes (google him, he's awesome!) and the blues he was singing and playing was so wonderful that I just drove right past our road and kept on going ... 50 mph on the straight-away ... not sure how many miles I drove, but I just kept going and going and turning left and left and left and circling around and then going down neighborhood roads, like I was showing Aura Lee the neighborhood (it's taken me awhile to 'like' her since I was so in love with Birdie and didn't want to give her up) ... The sky was just after sunset and was filled with stormy grey/blue and pink clouds which looked awesome out the moon roof. I just kept singing and driving ... and finally went home happy.
I have been on a crash course of seeing old friends and talking to old friends on the phone and this past week just since Sunday have or talked to 9 people including their little dogs and cats (who all loved me, too) You see, normally I'm quite a hermitess soon as I get out of work and I want nothing more than to come home and be quiet and have some dinner and wait for my honey who gets home quite late. More often than not I get on Facebook and spent waaayyyyy too much time on there, which explains why I have hardly posted on my blog for months! (I'm sorry, Bloggies ... I've missed you a lot! It just seems easier with lots more interaction with others on Facebook...but this Blog is a lot more me ... private except for those who might stop by. Probably most will stop stopping by since I'm rarely posting anything new. I keep telling myself "I'm gonna write on my blog" and then....whap! back to Facebook 2-3 times a day sometimes! I have, however, reconnected with some old friends from waaayyyy back in school days and some family members I'd lost touch with, so it has been rewarding.)
Well, I do sincerely hope to rekindle with some of my favorite bloggers, ie Rhiannon, Dancin' Fool, Imran and Sandpiper ... and maybe even meet some new folks. I have a small follow(s) bunch on here but not that they've posted comments. That's OK, though. If anything resonates with you, happy to know it, if not, happy you at least came by once to see what you can see.
Here's hoping all of you Bloggie Souls are having a safe and beautiful summer and that for you, wherever you are, Summertime...and the living is are jumpin' and the cotton is high. Your Mama's rich and your Daddy's good lookin', so hush! little Babies, don't you cry!
Keep Cool ... Live in Love and Compassion for others ... and know that
Your SisSTAR Loves You!!!


Meditation for the Day

from OSHO's Transformation Tarot

10. Worth
On the virtues of uselessness

Don't be bothered too much about utilitarian ends. Rather, constantly remember that you are not here in life to become a commodity. You are not here to become a utility--that is below dignity. You are not here just to become more and more efficient--you are here to become more and more alive; you are here to become more and more intelligent; you are here to become more and more happy, ecstatically happy.

Lao Tzu was traveling with his disciples and they came to a forest where hundreds of carpenters were cutting trees, because a great palace was being built.

Almost the whole forest had been cut, but one tree was standing there, a big tree with thousands of branches--so big that ten thousand persons could sit under its shade. Lao Tzu asked his disciples to go and inquire why this tree had not been cut yet, when the whole forest had been cut and was deserted.
The disciples went and they asked the carpenters, "Why have you not cut this tree?"
The carpenters said, "This tree is absolutely useless. You cannot make anything out of it because every branch has so many knots in it. Nothing is straight. You cannot make pillars out of it, you cannot make furniture out of it. You cannot use it as fuel because the smoke is so dangerous to the eyes--you almost go blind. This tree is absolutely useless. That's why."
They came back. Lao Tzu laughed and he said, "Be like this tree. If you want to survive in this world be like this tree--absolutely useless. Then nobody will harm you. If you are straight you will be cut, you will become furniture in somebody's house. If you are beautiful you will be sold in the market, you will become a commodity. Be like this tree, absolutely useless. Then nobody can harm you. And you will grow big and vast, and thousands of people can find shade under you."
Lao Tzu has a logic altogether different from your mind. He says: Be the last. Move in the world as if you are not. Remain unknown. Don't try to be the first, don't be competitive, don't try to prove your worth. There is no need. Remain useless and enjoy.
Of course he is impractical. But if you understand him you will find that he is the most practical on a deeper layer, in the depth--because life is to enjoy and celebrate, life is not to become a utility. Life is more like poetry than like a commodity in the market; it should be like poetry, a song, a dance.
Lao Tzu says: If you try to be very clever, if you try to be very useful, you will be used. If you try to be very practical, somewhere or other you will be harnessed, because the world cannot leave the practical man alone. Lao Tzu says: Drop all these ideas. If you want to be a poem, an ecstasy, then forget about utility. Remain true to yourself.
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