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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Remembering Mandy Girl

Hi there, Bloggie Souls! I have missed you so much! It has been such a blessing revisiting some of my faves listed at the bottom of my profile! Hi Holly, Hi Rhi, Hi Dancin', Hi Linn!!! Wish I would've "followed" more as I lost my "favorites" on the computer when switching browsers, didn't import when I'd thought they had. Waah!
Yes...Missing Mandy Girl...she's been dead 5 yrs now, shortly after my brother and cousin ... glad it is 5 yrs behind me, but it still threw me for a downturn the past while, coming out on the other side with good thoughts and pride in myself for having my "good grief" no matter what anyone else thought about my obsessiveness with thoughts of
I posted a few swiped photos from email fwds (don't you LOVE the "Laughin' Ass!" and that crazy pair of Dog/Orangutan! I posted that on my husband's facebook to give him a laugh when he woke up today. Yes, I've been on facebook WAAYYYY too much, but it's fun to get occasional instant return on small investments of posts and I just plain love bugging people! I am not a "friend hog" as I've rounded the corner to about 30, I guess...and 4 or 5 of those was the past week when I've gotten braver and more bolden and brass and accepted "strangers" into my circle. Some say it was because of my "humor" seen on their friends' posts from me. HUMOR? Moi? YA MON!
(I started a "Ya Mon!" comment which blazed a few tiny trails on fb pages, which was fun as it's a great comment for just about any post! It came about while viewing a fb friend in Florida's "night flight" on his bike and taking photos of various establishments and scenarios. One place just reminded me of Jamaican type stuff so the dreadlocks sprouted out of my pink head/white hairness and the urge to post YA MON! hit me. I think I've posted 100s now ... I try being a nuisance whenever it works ;oD
Well, me 'n Jeffrey just had freshly ground morning coffee with a Deep Intense dark chocolate Ghiardelli melted in the bottom and a dark chocolate Nonni Biscotti dunker(s)! Do you believe he was able to grind those beans forever and this SisSTAR was too busy in Dreamland to even hear him!??? And I am a very light sleeper! (except when I'm dreaming ... I probably incorporated the sound into those technicolor, way-too-busy scenes where I feel like I'm in a half dozen or so movies every night and esp early in the morning just before I wake up with a JOLT! and think, Wake Up, Kyle! Get up and get into Reality! Sometimes it's just exhausting to sleep ^;^
That's the problem with me blogging...the fingers don't know when to stop and I'm never quite sure if the brain is fully engaged @;@ One thing is for sure ... my regular wpm speed is 120 and give me this coffee extraordinaire and, well, I'm wide-awake buzzed on dark chocolate and coffee...and I rarely drink coffee or colas any more ... I get high sniffing Snapple tea! Truly I do! Let's just say I stayed up until 4 a.m. when I discovered that I still had Little Fish Tail blog and even realized that Second Edition (Holly, darling..) had commented 6 wks ago on a post of my own! Wowie! That was good for another hour until I realized if I was gonna share morning coffee treat with my Honey, I'd better get my ass to bed! Now I better get my bunnies offa here and get with the program. 1st x in quite awhile Jeff nor I have to work on a Saturday morning! Yeah!!! Fun things planned this weekend ... making it lazy and exhilarating all the same...and we are taking his sister, Linda, to Ruby Tuesday's tomorrow ... just found out she may very well be moving to Georgia by Labor Day! She lives about 10-12 miles away and we never visit each other! How dumb! We truly don't seem to miss people....
.....until they 
...and so I'm missing Mandy Girl ... I put a really awesome lead crystal candlestick on her grave with a tan and white marble orb on top of it and when the Sun hits it it'll smack me right in the face and eyeballs from the kitchen window! BEAM!!!!
Love you, Mandy Girl!
Love you much!

from your


Kylita said...

I forgot to mention that photo of Tuffy boy, but any "regular" visitor here would know him for sure! But, one of my little ditties I've made up to sing to him (and he loves Mama's songs about him) is: Tuffy Doodle Dandy, our Angel Cat from Mandy! It's nearly 5 yrs he's been here when he showed up on Mandy's grave rolling at my feet. He has been a true lifesaver for both of us and color nearly the same as her's.

Rhiannon said...

sorry about your doggie. So much loss here where I live so many are dying. Remember it used to be a retirement home before county housing took over. I've lost count of some of the friends that have died since I've been here. It's been about dealing with a lot of after another and another. New people are moving in now so many!

I want you to know I read your whole post and it made me laugh and cry a bit...but I'm just too tired to write much of sorry. I've much to tell you but it's overwhelming..maybe when things calm down...ya right, like that's going to happen in this chaotic world!

Say SiStar Kylita what happened to the year of the Rabbit???I mean "WOW"!!! However I remember reading about this year of metal rabbit and it most definitely said that "many many people that had been on the sidelines for many many years now would become "involved" and come out and start taking "action"..we metal rabbits are more tenacious than other rabbits..but I mean c'mon it's getting totally crazy! So much so that I am waiting with bated breath for this rabbit year to be overwith...good heavens, lord almighty!

I think about you often, sorry not written sister is now living not only in the same apartments as me but on the same floor and the same hallway..4 doors down...this was our goal..lot's of work and tenacity..she's been moved in since about two weeks ago. Finally!

Love you...haven't forgotten you and my you are a brave one. I would never get on facebook, I don't want my information all over the place. I've heard horrible stories and don't trust it with all those hackers.

Later, my dear friend. Oh I did just post a nice video song that I hope will make my blog friends feel better about this crazy world we now live in. Hope you'll check it out..

Love you and many Blessings,


jeff said...

I truly love Tuffy with all my heart and always will, but I miss Mandy so much. I love you Mandy Girl!

Kylita said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rhi ... I think often of you also and just know that we are both going thru lots of stuff right now!! A few times I've nearly called you late at night but then figured it'd probably be a 2-hr conversation ;oD ... so I refrained. I keep rooting for ya. I know what you mean, though! This Yr of the Metal Rabbit should be a whole lot more peaceful! I guess the "metal" aspect gives it more of its "cutting edge", eh? ;o(
Hang in there and keep in touch. I am going to try harder to post more frequently on here. I miss it. Will stop by yours soon and listen to your song. xoxo
Thanks, Jeffrey, for your sentiments. I know you have bonded well with Tuffy but he is a cat and you and Mandy had something very special ... she was "Daddy's Girl" for sure! Tuffy loves you, too. I esp love you all! xoxo