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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stray Cat Mama

(Full Moon influencing me--a quadruple Capricorn--and last night thinking about my wild cat Tuffy and his buddy Creamy who stops by frequently--and a flyer someone left us if we'd seen their missing cat...inspired me to write this poem/song)

Stray Cat Mama

These stray cats hanging around my doors

hanging in my heart and Soul


These nobody-wants-me stray cats

hanging around at job-land

hanging in my heart

and in my Soul


I feel like a Stray Cat, too

hanging with myself on the prowl

for a good mood.

***I'm a Stray Cat Mama

and you be a Stray Cat Daddy, too!


6/25/10 (dedicated to Tuffy

and Creamy ... and Jeff)

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn eclipsing Sun in Cancer

Sending Highest and Best
Blessings to You
for a lovely
Summer weekend
from your

Friday, June 18, 2010








Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful June

It's a glorious Saturday in June. My yard pales in comparison to this exquisite photo I found in Bing (after reading dear bloggie friend Dancin' Fool's blog and swiping a photo from said Bing!) Had to make it as my new header photo perhaps to stay the entire spring/summer. Isn't it beautiful? Wouldn't you want to be there having a picnic, playing a drum or a flute or a harmonica? Enticing the birds to sing for you? I spent some time out in my yard photographing the 7 pink water lilies blooming this morning and the two bullfrogs hanging out amongst them. Got some photos of other flowers and Tuffy, of course. He loves to pose, but he would never admit it...too aloof for that! He gave me a gift of "rubbing his scent" on me as I stood in the yard. He isn't one to do this hardly ever, instead he loves to "scent" just about anything besides me and his "daddy" ... so we are always thrilled when he graces us with this gift. Thanks, Tuffy Boy! I just hear the "noon whistle" blowing off in the distance ... at 1 pm! Ha! This daylight savings time ... shows you how important a noon whistle is. Time is irrelevent, esp on a Saturday in June.
Today is my good friend Juergen's birthday. I'd like to say he'd read this, but I know he won't. Fortunately, I sent him a photo card of Tuffy Boy taking a catnap, which I urged him to do for his birthday. I think I might be doing some of that this weekend as I'm short on sleep.
We had surprise visits from friends Wally, Patti and Evelyn who live in Georgia now. We had lunch with them yesterday and all talked furiously ... and ate dessert, us "girls" anyway! Yum! I had coconut cream pie and they both had awesome looking hot fudge somethings which I dipped the old fork in a few times (with invitation!) Sure wish we could've visited more but they are probably on their merry way back to Georgia as I write. Thanks so much for thinking of us, Buds! It'd been a long time.
Also had a great visit with my cousin Jimi Lee right after I got home from work. Each time we've gotten together recently, it's like time stands still and we are talking nonstop for 5-8+ hrs at a stretch! But it doesn't seem long to us. It's like a crash course in getting to know a relative you only "thought" you knew. I so very rarely see family members that it has meant so much to me.
Tonight we are going to a friend's house to watch new episodes of Dr Who on BBC TV. We don't get that on our cable so it gives us a good excuse to go have fun at someone else's home and catch up and play with the little dog, Baby, and little cat, BP (for "back porch"). Jan is an awesome person and her home is decorated so uniquely, her sewing all her drapery and curtains and painting her walls quite intricately in interesting color combos. Then there's that big screen TV Jeff loves ;oD ... and the Heineken. Anyone out there a Dr Who fan?
As for me, I am feeling pretty peaceful and happy. My neck hurts somewhat from a rather heavy workload this week, after having extra time off and only working 3 days, I made up for it with the workload and messages that came in. One day I could swear I spoke with about a thousand people, but I think I exaggerate. And to think I am not one who likes to talk on the phone much! ha ha! What webs we weave, eh? There I am stuck in the middle of my web I've woven of working for two separate psychiatric practices ... and there was a surge of calls from those wanting to be seen for first time appts. I have at least 6! to call back on Monday.
"Here I come to save the day!"
It means that Mighty Kylie Mouse is on her way!
Mr. Trouble never hangs around
when he hears this mighty sound:
"Here I come to save the day!"
It means that Mighty Mouse is on his way!
Sending love and highest and best wishes for
a beautiful first weekend in June!
(Hi to Rhi, Dancin' and best
blogging buddies!)