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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He works for treats

Thought I'd try Tuffy Boy on my "masthead" for awhile. I can't seem to keep it at the same photo for very long. Variety is the spice and all...But he's such a pretty boy, our wild child. Just hoping to get through the winter. Got my car washed and same day he was walking on it with his muddy feet and sliding off the roof onto the back and off, the entire top of the car he walked! The T-Bird does not like it.

Well, thank god it's the back end of Hump Day ... Wednesday, hell of a day to call it, but we're "over the hump" so 'they' say. I sit here doing my "email" thing and the rare blog (I've been on a roll lately but it can't last ;oD)

Bon soir, Mes Ami xoxoxoxoxo Soeur Estrelita xoxo

Slowing Down

I don't usually go on You Tube much, but wanted to find Robin Trower's "About to Begin" and cut and pasted the 1st one I came to here. It's way too short for the beauty it has in it, but I guess life is like that, eh?

Thinking of some of my favorite bloggie souls out there ... there's just a select wonderful few,
and it's a sunny day when one of them might leave a comment. I appreciate that, folks. I do
believe there are a few friends and family who "read me" now and then, or so I've been told,
and if any of you are "looking" at me here today, blessd your hearts, Bruthas and SisSTARS.

Sometimes I think I should get a different profession. After talking to so many patients in two
doctors' offices all week, now my friends are getting ticked because I don't feel like answering my phone or returning calls very fast...or ever. I try to explain that part of me right up front,
so no one feels neglected or takes it personally. Aren't boundaries wonderful things? I used
to think that I didn't have any or wasn't allowed any, and then when I realized I could put
up some of my own boundaries for my self-preservation, whatever they may be, and others
have that right also. There should be more tolerance for one another, ya know?

It's been quite the year already.........and now for a little Robin Trower. This is one of my
favorite songs from him...and I love Bridge of Sighs.

With love from,
Your SisSTAR xo

Friday, January 22, 2010


I was unable to post this actual photo, but like a gift to myself, I found 10 photos of the woman my mother always told me I was named after online last night. I wasn't even looking for her and don't remember how I did it, but only one other person besides my mother that I talked to in my entire life had ever heard of her. Mom always said she was a cute little singer on the Arthur Godfrey Show in the late '40s and early '50s. Instead of hearing always, "Did your parents want a boy?" or "Were you named after your father?" ... now I have this pretty lady's photo and a little bit of bio about her. She truly is the only woman I've ever heard named Kyle from that long ago...born 5-13-22. So, let me introduce to you, Kyle MacDonnell. I am her namesake and I am pretty proud.
Love, from your SisSTAR

Monday, January 18, 2010

Capricorn Earth Mother

thank you xo

from your SisSTAR Senorita Kylita xoxoxo

Struttin' in the New Year,

Grandma Maggie Haswell and Aunt Oneta Haswell are having tea in the photo with me (in my friend's Rolls dahhhling) Not easy to see them, but I have an awesome color photograph of the larger scene, under a yellow umbrella.
Saw a big hawk on the fence yesterday ... he disappeared fast. I thought, lonely guy, what a way to live, eyeballing the ground all the time, or bushes, trees, for the next meal. We get some unbelievable specimens flying around here, but then we have oodles of rabbits, squirrel, birds, frogs, feral cats, ground hogs, etc. Least the buzzards aren't flying over ... too much, anyway. Someday no doubt. I wonder what it must be like knowing when you die your body will go to the vats or whatever, to be burned next to the water with the vultures ripping you apart. Somehow that doesn't bother me as much as thinking about being buried underground. At least it'd serve some purpose. Can't say I'd want to be known later as buzzard shit, however. As you can tell, I have been having many dreams lately and my brain doesn't shut down much, which I guess could be a good thing except that it feels very exhausting. I really do want to write "my book". I have the title ... if any of you are Haswells reading this (probably not ;o( you might recall the word ... all my younger life I saw it and never knew what it meant. It was the "Skinners of Anodyne" on the mailboxes that lined M22 at Haswell Road. It was from Aunt Dorothy, Dottie, Dot ... (if I wouldn't have been so shy I should've called her that) "alleviation of pain" is close to the definition, I believe. So I want to write about the many ways of alleviating pain, but esp in the metaphysical venues.
It was time I had to have a "ramble on" kind of post. A "sail on Silver Girl" post and a sort of scat! (Shooby doobie do wah.................bop!) Is it me, or has this year been really exhausting already?! I played my zymbals/finger cymbals for Tuffy tonight playing Imi Heap music on the computer. He liked it, or tolerated it, which is something considering metal carries sound pretty well and he was close ... I started out softly and then let it wail and it felt cathartic! It was fun. I am reading a book "When Women Were Drummers" going back pre Paleolithic eras and long ago and far away.........all the engravings, hieroglyphics, statues, figurines, gravestones, etc. of women, often the Earth Mother type who I can identify with ... if you know what I mean. Rather build for comfort, not for speed. Not even for comfort, really. But there were women always drumming and using tambourines and cymbals and sistrums ... celebrating with rhythm, the beat of our hearts. I vow to dance and sing and play more music this year ... 'cause "I've got to tryyyyyyy just a little bit harder..... tryyyyyyyy, yeah,..............tryyyyyyyy yeah..... just a little bit harder.............ok, gotta go now. This has been your impromptu boggie post from your SisSTAR. Happy Fucking New Year..............Valentine's Day 2/14/10 Chinese New Year of the Tiger - RRREEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW! hiissssssssssssssssssssss.
(no friendships were harmed in the making of this blog)
(no meat was eaten nor fur worn typing this blog)
(my cat was given the better chair to sit in and I
gave up another blanket and towel to him)
p.s. this is what happens when I do the laundry.........pfffffftttt!

I have a dream, too

I dream someday all sentient beings will be wanted and loved and sheltered and rescued and nourished ... as they nourish me.
Thank you, little Tuffy Boy......Mama loves you!
KLH - Keep Laughin' Honey!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Beauty of Death XIV by Khalil Gibran

The Beauty of Death XIV by Khalil Gibran

Welcome to 2010 in fun times and in sad

Happy New Year

I was prompted to write in my blog today for my blogger friend Muhd Imran from Singapore. I read his blog earlier today and saw that on Jan 4th his family was told their father had one week to live. I have been following this kind and loving family for quite sometime now and I couldn't help but cry, genuinely sad for them and knowing the difficulties in saying goodbyes. I've never been real good at them. But it made me remember a poem I wrote in 1982 and have given often to friends who have had loved ones die or to friends who were terminally ill, and I promised Muhd that I would try and find this poem and post it for him tonight. It wasn't where I thought it was, but I looked in a bag in my bedroom where I'd stashed some writings and found it immediately. I dedicate this to Muhd and his father and large extended family, and I pray they can all find peaceful loving ways to be together this week of a new year.


Lord, give me courage everyday

To believe Your Way is my way

Help me through the darkened hours

Show me fragrant blooms of flowers

Make me give more than I take

Lift me up should my heart break

Light each path I'm headed for

If I knock, unlock the door

Let me always love and grow

With grace my faith will always show

Help me smile when one won't come

Give me peace when day is done

Let me ease pain with my touch

And, Lord, if it's not asking much

When it's time my Soul takes flight

I will trust the timing's right

But, please, before my body dies...

...give me time to say good-byes.

-Kyle Lynn Haswell, 1982

(Honor, Michigan)


Love and blessings from your

SisSTAR Kyle xo