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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to 2010 in fun times and in sad

Happy New Year

I was prompted to write in my blog today for my blogger friend Muhd Imran from Singapore. I read his blog earlier today and saw that on Jan 4th his family was told their father had one week to live. I have been following this kind and loving family for quite sometime now and I couldn't help but cry, genuinely sad for them and knowing the difficulties in saying goodbyes. I've never been real good at them. But it made me remember a poem I wrote in 1982 and have given often to friends who have had loved ones die or to friends who were terminally ill, and I promised Muhd that I would try and find this poem and post it for him tonight. It wasn't where I thought it was, but I looked in a bag in my bedroom where I'd stashed some writings and found it immediately. I dedicate this to Muhd and his father and large extended family, and I pray they can all find peaceful loving ways to be together this week of a new year.


Lord, give me courage everyday

To believe Your Way is my way

Help me through the darkened hours

Show me fragrant blooms of flowers

Make me give more than I take

Lift me up should my heart break

Light each path I'm headed for

If I knock, unlock the door

Let me always love and grow

With grace my faith will always show

Help me smile when one won't come

Give me peace when day is done

Let me ease pain with my touch

And, Lord, if it's not asking much

When it's time my Soul takes flight

I will trust the timing's right

But, please, before my body dies...

...give me time to say good-byes.

-Kyle Lynn Haswell, 1982

(Honor, Michigan)


Love and blessings from your

SisSTAR Kyle xo


Rhiannon said...

This is a wonderful dedication poem for Muhd's Father and family. I hope he will drop by and read's sad yet beautiful.

I've got a little something for your "Belated Birthday" but ran out of stamps and looking for a larger envelope to put it in. Will let you know once I mail it to you, so you can look for it.

Hope your doing okay. Love you SisStar..

Love always,


Muhd Imran said...

Hello Sis*Star Kylita,

Thank you very much for this dedication.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by to check on how I am doing and leave with such soothing yet practical words for me.

I hope you know that I am aware and very grateful for your kindness and efforts, especially taking time to look for this beautiful poem.

It warms my heart and gives me some strength to face the fact that my loving Dad has passed whenever I am alone in my thoughts.

I say my prayers for him whenever I think of him. Together with my siblings, I have to be strong for my Mom. She is hurting and missing Dad the most.

They were such a beautiful couple, inseparable until she had to finally let him go to be with the Lord.

Thank you again for sharing your experiences that gave me other perspectives on sometimes tough issues that I had to deal with the first time.

Emotions are tough to show outright, out loud except through my blog. Even that restricts me from fully expressing it due to the lack in command of the English language.

You and dear friend Rhiannon have been wonderful and insightful... a source of strength for me. Wish more people know the two of you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Dancin' Fool said...

Hey Honey, that is truly beautiful. You have a gift. xx