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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slowing Down

I don't usually go on You Tube much, but wanted to find Robin Trower's "About to Begin" and cut and pasted the 1st one I came to here. It's way too short for the beauty it has in it, but I guess life is like that, eh?

Thinking of some of my favorite bloggie souls out there ... there's just a select wonderful few,
and it's a sunny day when one of them might leave a comment. I appreciate that, folks. I do
believe there are a few friends and family who "read me" now and then, or so I've been told,
and if any of you are "looking" at me here today, blessd your hearts, Bruthas and SisSTARS.

Sometimes I think I should get a different profession. After talking to so many patients in two
doctors' offices all week, now my friends are getting ticked because I don't feel like answering my phone or returning calls very fast...or ever. I try to explain that part of me right up front,
so no one feels neglected or takes it personally. Aren't boundaries wonderful things? I used
to think that I didn't have any or wasn't allowed any, and then when I realized I could put
up some of my own boundaries for my self-preservation, whatever they may be, and others
have that right also. There should be more tolerance for one another, ya know?

It's been quite the year already.........and now for a little Robin Trower. This is one of my
favorite songs from him...and I love Bridge of Sighs.

With love from,
Your SisSTAR xo

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