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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Monday, January 18, 2010

Struttin' in the New Year,

Grandma Maggie Haswell and Aunt Oneta Haswell are having tea in the photo with me (in my friend's Rolls dahhhling) Not easy to see them, but I have an awesome color photograph of the larger scene, under a yellow umbrella.
Saw a big hawk on the fence yesterday ... he disappeared fast. I thought, lonely guy, what a way to live, eyeballing the ground all the time, or bushes, trees, for the next meal. We get some unbelievable specimens flying around here, but then we have oodles of rabbits, squirrel, birds, frogs, feral cats, ground hogs, etc. Least the buzzards aren't flying over ... too much, anyway. Someday no doubt. I wonder what it must be like knowing when you die your body will go to the vats or whatever, to be burned next to the water with the vultures ripping you apart. Somehow that doesn't bother me as much as thinking about being buried underground. At least it'd serve some purpose. Can't say I'd want to be known later as buzzard shit, however. As you can tell, I have been having many dreams lately and my brain doesn't shut down much, which I guess could be a good thing except that it feels very exhausting. I really do want to write "my book". I have the title ... if any of you are Haswells reading this (probably not ;o( you might recall the word ... all my younger life I saw it and never knew what it meant. It was the "Skinners of Anodyne" on the mailboxes that lined M22 at Haswell Road. It was from Aunt Dorothy, Dottie, Dot ... (if I wouldn't have been so shy I should've called her that) "alleviation of pain" is close to the definition, I believe. So I want to write about the many ways of alleviating pain, but esp in the metaphysical venues.
It was time I had to have a "ramble on" kind of post. A "sail on Silver Girl" post and a sort of scat! (Shooby doobie do wah.................bop!) Is it me, or has this year been really exhausting already?! I played my zymbals/finger cymbals for Tuffy tonight playing Imi Heap music on the computer. He liked it, or tolerated it, which is something considering metal carries sound pretty well and he was close ... I started out softly and then let it wail and it felt cathartic! It was fun. I am reading a book "When Women Were Drummers" going back pre Paleolithic eras and long ago and far away.........all the engravings, hieroglyphics, statues, figurines, gravestones, etc. of women, often the Earth Mother type who I can identify with ... if you know what I mean. Rather build for comfort, not for speed. Not even for comfort, really. But there were women always drumming and using tambourines and cymbals and sistrums ... celebrating with rhythm, the beat of our hearts. I vow to dance and sing and play more music this year ... 'cause "I've got to tryyyyyyy just a little bit harder..... tryyyyyyyy, yeah,..............tryyyyyyyy yeah..... just a little bit harder.............ok, gotta go now. This has been your impromptu boggie post from your SisSTAR. Happy Fucking New Year..............Valentine's Day 2/14/10 Chinese New Year of the Tiger - RRREEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW! hiissssssssssssssssssssss.
(no friendships were harmed in the making of this blog)
(no meat was eaten nor fur worn typing this blog)
(my cat was given the better chair to sit in and I
gave up another blanket and towel to him)
p.s. this is what happens when I do the laundry.........pfffffftttt!

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Rhiannon said...

what a wonderful "flowing" of writing you did here...didn't it feel good?..:o)

Love this photo of Janis. Didn't you just love the colorful and "Bohemian" style of clothes she wore?