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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Moon Fantasies

This is Emily ... new Mom of Aidan on 3/20/10 in Texas

Happy Full Moon in Libra

The night sky is beautiful out there tonight. Officially full about 45 mins ago. Some of you would scoff at my suggestion that things can

get a little "loony" during the lunar fullness ... but we are all salt

water, bloggies, and those ebb and flow of tides within us are not

without their meaningfulness sometimes.

1st day of spring, nearly 10 days ago now, got two phone calls: 1) my

cousin died up north...he was married to his awesome wife 62 yrs;

2) our friend's daughter had her baby in Texas where she went to

help her ... and we heard of it just minutes after it happened laughing

with the newly uncle and grand uncle of little Aidan ... at a pub at

the end of our road. Both in the same day. Sympathy followed by

congratulations. Sorrow followed by joy. Memories followed by new

memories in the making. And we as witness.

I don't know ... will March go out like a Lion? It came in like a Lamb,

so the old story goes. It certainly has cooled down drastically, dang

it! The warmth and sunshine were so welcoming, but then those

early damned mosquitos weren't welcome at all! Bastards! Will it

still snow yet? Hmmmmm!?

Today is the 24th and 17th anniv of my dad and mom's deaths ... and

also their wedding anniversary. I know I've written about them

dying and being buried both on their anniversary. Always the drama

with them! ha! I live in my childhood home, as I've said over and over

boringly...but I honor them with my memories and the good memories

are the best. All in all it's been a peaceful weekend and Monday, and

a Full Moon to boot, just to add to the drama.

Happy Trails, Dana and Josephine ... thank you for marrying and

having me 9 yrs later, your first bundle of joy. I am grateful.


Make some memories out there, Bloggies! Remember your loved ones

in positive lights. Keep smiling and shining on!

Love from your

SisSTAR xoxoxo

Friday, March 19, 2010

Peaceful Friday NIght - Ahhhhhhh

This was artwork I "borrowed" from a fwd email yesterday. I thought it was so beautiful and loved the kissing couple. I dedicate this to all of you Bloggies out there who are in love (like me) and wish you lots of nice hugs and kisses and moments to remember ... gentle, peaceful moments that seem just so ordinary and mundane at the time, but reflecting later you might come to realize that often it is those times indeed we remember when alone, in a meditative mood. For me, if I were to die this instant, I feel I have realized some of my highest and best dreams in the love I share with my husband, and our friendship that has grown these nearly 25 years. We will celebrate our Silver Anniversary at the end of this year (silver is my favorite "precious" metal, even more than gold, could be my hair?) ... it seems hard to believe that I still miss him when we are apart, that we call each other several times a day while we are at work, we are for the most part loving, kind and respectful to each other (how nice to never be called "my old lady" or a number of other derogatory things I can recall!) I look forward to working out in the yard and flowers with each other ... he has already started raking flowerbeds and cutting trees that are diseased. Yesterday I looked down in what we call "the garden" (it was nearly a full acre that my father planted until he couldn't any more ... and we've never had that same ambition that he had, not to mention all the wildlife that would surely be consuming it before we had a chance to) and, anyway, I looked down there from the kitchen window and here was Jeff, walking with our cat Tuffy beside him, more like a dog than a cat. He really misses our dog and the long walks they always took, but he's gotten into the habit of walking down there and having Tuffy follow him ... just like my old cat Ralph used to do with my dad, winning my dad's heart over when he was always someone who "didn't like cats". The scene of my two "guys" walking together was so cute to me.
Last night Jeff worked over 12 hours at his job, when usually it is 7 hrs per night, and tonight who knows? He also has to work tomorrow on Saturday ;o( even though they have a fit if he goes over 40 hrs a week, unless it serves their purpose. He was hoping to have tomorrow off since he will definitely be over 40 hrs...but then, the health insurance premium will be due soon and the bills will always get paid, leaving not so much for fun, play or recreation. We still have good times, though, just sitting across the kitchen table talking together, catching up on how our work day/night went, laughing about all the strange and often funny things that employees can get into (which I won't repeat here). I sometimes record several TV shows so we can watch them together later on (we love Ghost Whisperer and Medium ... and Chuck!) I get a reprieve tonight with nothing of interest to watch or record so I have been reading magazines as the dishes sit in the sink ... sitting out under the McIntosh apple tree at the picnic table with Tuffy coming to visit me and cuffing at me when I bugged him too much (as he gazed excitedly at a nearby rabbit, too lazy to chase it, gladly!) and I thought I'd just reminisce here a little about loving someone ... and dedicating this post to me and my husband ... and all you others out there who are in love, have been in love, will be in love, and especially loving yourselves first and foremost so you know how very worthy you are to be loved in return. Bless you and thank you for sharing your love with me now and again. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear positive stories in the midst of the daily grind of negativity everywhere in the media, etc. I pretty much steer clear of that or of anyone who wants to spread it.
Last night just as I was winding down at work, I inadvertently locked myself out of the office inner door and after realizing the cleaning lady was gone from the building, and delivering a letter down the hall to a psychologist friend, after I told her about my predicament and that I didn't think I could fit thru the receptionist window if I tried to climb through, she offered to come down and climb through for me ... and she's a tiny lady. She came down and climbed through and, wow! that was so nice of her to offer that service! I was able to get my work done and leave on time and have a nice chat with her, and she commended me on my recent "being in control" of my health and eating habits and healing process. I came home last night and went out and picked some pussy willows from our tree (my dad orig planted many yrs ago and we resurrected it) and put them into a beautiful piece of pottery that is hard to explain, but it's very earthy and looks somewhat like an acorn with only a small hole in the top to put flowers, etc. in. I do believe Monday I am going to give that to her for helping me, even though she said it was a "piece of cake" and "no big deal"... it was a big deal to me. I think, anyway ... it is awfully beautiful! ;oD
Well, as you can see, I can ramble on ... it is very fulfilling sometimes to just sit here "talking" to you folks. I feel a sense of peacefulness knowing that we have this connection all around the world ... from the United Kingdom to Singapore to Oregon to Connecticut to Minnesota ... one never knows. BUT! I digress ... I sign off with my dedication to you lovers out there ... go look at yourself in a mirror, hopefully a beautiful mirror, and KNOW that what you see is so good and wondrous and meaningful to me and so many others ... make sure it is all that and more to YOU!
Have a lovely first day of Spring tomorrow. The Vernal Equinox ... hope springs eternal ... and I am, your faithful SisSTAR of the C.O.D.E. (Childless Orphaned Daughter of the Evolution ... resolving to evolve). Whew! That was a long one, eh? ;oD XOXOXOXOXO

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

At a time when being "green" is fashionably ecological, I know I will have to be wearin' a bit o'green tomorrow! It was also a treat to see a free concert at our Library last Sunday of the musicians called BLACKTHORN. My brother and me used to take a beer out of the refrigerator, uncap it, put a bit of green food coloring in it and put the cap back on for when our dad came home from work. Of course, I'm sure he was expecting it all since it was a family tradition for years and years, but he'd always act surprised and we'd be so pleased with ourselves. Just before my dad died 3/27/86, that St Patrick's Day we put a little green food coloring in a glass of milk for him and he smiled, which was rare to be sure after he'd developed Parkinson's and sort of "lost" his emotional responses and his wonderful sense of humor and laugh and smile ... and he looked up at us and and said, "My father died on St Patrick's Day, I'm not sure if I should be celebrating it." Yes, my grandfather died 3/17/1918! Makes me feel sort've old, and I'm only a mere 58...but dad's dad died when my dad was only 12. I do remember lots of fun and happy St Patrick's Day celebrations in our little family of 4 with the dish my mom called "Jigs 'n Maggie" also known as corned beef and cabbage. I'm making cabbage, red potatoes, onions and carrots "boiled dinner" tomorrow and that will suffice. I know my husband and myself will love it.

I even have a couple little shamrock plants I've tended to for many years now and one is blooming. The purple one will be blooming one of these days, and it has little purple flowers as opposed to the white ones on the green shamrock. So here's to Ireland and here's to being green! And here's to Danny Boy xoxo

from your SisSTAR


Saturday, March 13, 2010


My husband and I went to a fairly new restaurant in downtown Rochester yesterday before we went to work ... a certified organic vegan, vegetarian and organic meat restaurant that grows its own herbs and will be growing even vegetables, etc. soon. (We had a coupon ;oD) I nearly changed my mind as it was pouring rain out and not like the 2-3 days of sunshine and warmth (for Michigan) that we'd had earlier in the week. But Jeff talked me into going and I was so glad I did. The food was so yummy and when I went in the door I saw a customer I used to wait on when I worked at the health food store years ago and though I couldn't remember her name, we hugged and exchanged names and she just kept telling me that I looked wonderful. We sat within seeing distance from her as she waited for her take-out order (her first visit, too) and kept telling me that I looked "phenomenal!" and even told my husband that I looked phenomenal and that he was a lucky man. Wow! That made my month! I have been taking lots better care of myself and eating very well and lost probably 25-30 lbs, still having a way to go but with encouragement like that, hey! I will keep on keeping on, for sure! I will be sure to go back there and nose around in their herbs growing ... and hopefully purchase some of their greeting cards made from elephant poop! No shit (pardon the pun!). They were called "PooPoo Cards" ha ha! I loved it! Afterwards when Jeff went to do the banking thru the busy lunch hour traffic, I went a few doors down to visit the Native American store Legends in Time and got myself a strand of hematite and one of sunstone. I love rocks in so many forms and have many! I quite often end up giving my strands of gemstones away to friends at my own whim, so replacing a few with these was a thrill.

We are awaiting a friend's visit and are going to go to the corner Thai restaurant with him. His father died Tuesday and we are so glad he's coming to see us.

So, I must sign off for now....from the Phenomenal SisSTAR Kylita! (tee hee!)


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to SisSTAR Rhiannon

SisSTAR Rhiannon
Barbara Lynne
You are special to me
a kindred Spirit who shares The Cat, The Rabbit,
the love of Compassion and Kindness,
Angel Blessings and Friendship True
These are tiny fractions of the wonder I see in you
Forgive me "stealing" your photo
and YOUR beautiful artwork featured above
I had to have something of yours to share
with any friends who might come here
You are far across the country
in the land my father was born
and one day I am hoping
that we can meet across a kitchen table
with a cup of tea,
lots of laughter,
maybe a tear or two
but if that never happens
please know that I am so grateful
I've come to know you.
Hope your Birthday's been best as can be
(and hey, Kiddo, now you're
older than me!)
tee hee!!
Love from your,
SisSTAR Kylita
Kyle Lynn

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunny Friday

Good morning, Bloggies! I am feeling so much better and eagerly awaiting the end of my work day today. Of course, I haven't even made it to work yet as I have a

choice of when I go in ;oD and it's so sunny and beautiful outside, even though there's still plenty of snow and cold it makes it so much nicer to see the sunshine.

I have been meditating on the living room floor nearly every morning in the sun's rays and find it very energizing. A lot different than my old "usual" way of sleeping until 10 am and then checking the dr's messages, rushing around and getting there shortly afterwards. Now I do "leisurely" and I like that ;oD Well, actually I've been quite productive, amazing myself lately, and sleeping well without the aid of anything. Haven't used my asthma inhaler much at all since I've been eating healthy and that will help a lot with the anxiety, insomnia and heart palpitations which were the "norm". But enough of all this crapola!

Today is a beautiful sunny Friday, Bloggies. I am sending out good wishes over the e-waves hoping all of you will have a fantastic weekend in whatever way you choose, with a few surprises (good ones!) thrown in to keep things exciting. Be well and love yourself and one another!

From your SisSTAR

Kyle Lynn xo

(Next wkend is daylight savings already! My husband Jeff saw a Robin yesterday!!)