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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, March 13, 2010


My husband and I went to a fairly new restaurant in downtown Rochester yesterday before we went to work ... a certified organic vegan, vegetarian and organic meat restaurant that grows its own herbs and will be growing even vegetables, etc. soon. (We had a coupon ;oD) I nearly changed my mind as it was pouring rain out and not like the 2-3 days of sunshine and warmth (for Michigan) that we'd had earlier in the week. But Jeff talked me into going and I was so glad I did. The food was so yummy and when I went in the door I saw a customer I used to wait on when I worked at the health food store years ago and though I couldn't remember her name, we hugged and exchanged names and she just kept telling me that I looked wonderful. We sat within seeing distance from her as she waited for her take-out order (her first visit, too) and kept telling me that I looked "phenomenal!" and even told my husband that I looked phenomenal and that he was a lucky man. Wow! That made my month! I have been taking lots better care of myself and eating very well and lost probably 25-30 lbs, still having a way to go but with encouragement like that, hey! I will keep on keeping on, for sure! I will be sure to go back there and nose around in their herbs growing ... and hopefully purchase some of their greeting cards made from elephant poop! No shit (pardon the pun!). They were called "PooPoo Cards" ha ha! I loved it! Afterwards when Jeff went to do the banking thru the busy lunch hour traffic, I went a few doors down to visit the Native American store Legends in Time and got myself a strand of hematite and one of sunstone. I love rocks in so many forms and have many! I quite often end up giving my strands of gemstones away to friends at my own whim, so replacing a few with these was a thrill.

We are awaiting a friend's visit and are going to go to the corner Thai restaurant with him. His father died Tuesday and we are so glad he's coming to see us.

So, I must sign off for now....from the Phenomenal SisSTAR Kylita! (tee hee!)


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