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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of July already

Good morning ... I crawled out of the primordial ooze that is my bedroom and before I get ready for work I wanted to say hello to this new and yet last day of July. I have heard everyone, including myself, saying how fast summer is flying by. We took one very quick trip up north on the 1st day of summer and stayed with our friends Barb and Jane in Frankfort, and unfortunately, I ended up with my 1st allergy attack in a long time which gave me one real good day and one semi-miserable day, only to leave for home early to sneeze, wheeze and blow my nose as I drove home thru miles and miles of orange construction barrels. Let's just say it was not conducive to wanting to leave home any time soon ... reluctantly. It was a beautiful home with wonderful friends and The Lake Michigan with its famous sunsets ... and great food! I've heard so many people going on this vacation and that vacation and some come back refreshed and others come home exhausted needing another vacation ... and it makes me grateful for those 2 days we had. Tomorrow is August ... sounds hot to me! But it is when my Rose of Sharon will bloom and hopefully we will see some of Jeff's family soon and some friends coming into town, maybe venture north one more time for a short visit to Traverse City. I feel real blessed because yesterday we got our van and central air conditioning in the home repaired ... just when the heat is getting fired up, showing everyone that Michigan can have a sweltering summer like other hot spots ... and "...if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you."
Happy Summer Everyone! Enjoy while it is still here. Life is short. Eat dessert first!
Love and blessings from your SisSTAR! xoxoxo

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Entre Vous

My Warrior Doll
My cousin made this for me--it was called a "slam doll" or something like that. Said I could slam it on the table or countertop whenever I got mad ... it was all "nude pink fabric" and it seemed so innocent and sweet, I couldn't even think about beating it against something. So I armed her with her warrior uniform and hardware and she can kick ass whenever she needs to (protecting me from myself, perhaps?) I was hoping you could click on it to enlarge to see her beautiful chainmail armor, not sure if you can see her crescent moon "sword" tucked in her belt in back. I have a dream catcher that is beautiful, and that poor thing must be heavily laden down. Perhaps there is a good way to "refresh" a poor, worn out dream catcher. But! I have never named my Warrior anyone who would like to make a suggestion, let me know. I wish my Cousin Claire could visit my blog but she's not online...has a little mailstation like I used to have. It got me started--it was "virginal" computer emailing--and limited. I learned to go to the library and get my others that wouldn't come through--that's when I learned that some people fwd some pretty bizarre stuff!! stuff you may not want the Joe Blow or Jane Doe sitting near and around you at the library. So it is July 23rd and I cannot believe Summertime has come this far. I finally discovered my first (and probably last) attempt at downloading my own variety CD--before they kept threatening to arrest you and I quit, leaving it to braver souls. It's called "Summertime" and it has a LOT of different versions of that wonderful song. Of course, one of my favorites is Janis Joplin because, well, at 16 yrs old when I heard her singing the blues, it tore a rip in my Soul just a little and, dying right after I graduated high school, there went another chunk. I spent one strange summer drinking Boones Farm Wild Mountain wine and singing Janis Joplin songs--being bohemian and, I think it was only a few years ago I drank a beer or two too many and once again sang Janis Joplin songs before zonking out. Turtle Blues is probably my favorite--if I could pick. But "Summertime" and the living is easy, fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high...your daddy's rich and your ma's so good lookin' hush little baby, don't you .... cryeeeeee.
"One of these mornin' you gonna rise up singing, you're gonna spread your wings and take to the sky ... but 'til that mornin' there ain't nothin' can harm you, with mammy and daddy standing by. So hush, sweet Bloggie Souls, don't you cryeeeeeee.
(thanks for letting me rant--if you did, anyway!?)
KLH-keep laughin' honey xoxo

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Memoriam...

...of Edward, my friend Holly's brother who would have been 37 today, though sadly, it is also the 1st anniv of his death. He died in his sleep on his 36th birthday. I searched my computer for half an hour to find this photo and I KNEW I had it. I finally found it in the special file I keep of the correspondence between me and she and it was an attachment to the 1st email I got in Sept 07 after we'd met on the Adult Sibling Grief website. Isn't he such a handsome and beautiful man? I am hoping that by posting this here, when she sees it she will be moved in a happy way. It took me awhile to search him out, but I found him and I see he thinks it's pretty funny! Even funnier was the fact that after I'd previewed the 1st post, it totally disappeared! But I am like a badger sometime and I want to grace my blog with Edward's presence. Eres Tu, Mamacita! Aloha!
Love and understanding,
Kyle xo

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here's lookin' at you, Bloggies

Just a quick
"howdy", nothing profound, no epiphanies, but I'm a tad antsy and tired tonight. My cousin is at the Cancer Treatment Center in Illinois and I'm thinking of her a lot. She was in good spirits when I talked to her yesterday. I played a few quickfire games on the computer tonight and kicked ass!!! Though I hate to admit it, sometimes it's just fun and takes my mind off things. Tomorrow I hope to get outdoors and get some fresh air and sunshine after being inside pretty much all day and night, working for two psychiatrists today. Just wondering how any of you folks are doing out there? Very, very good, I trust. Keep up the good work! Have faith in yourself and do your best to stay centered. One friend of mine from long, long ago used to say: "Somedays you eat the Bear, somedays the Bear eats you!" I'm not in favor of wild game, and I remember a bear rug my dad gave to me (since my mom didn't want it!) and I used to (ahem) drink a few beers too many and lie down on it and cry and apologize to it that my father killed it. Sad tale.....I'm not gonna think about that right now! And I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies, Miss Scarlet!!! and frankly, Scallop, I don't give a Clam! (OK, I said I was antsy!) I best get offa here and find something else to do with myself. I'm just a jive-ass turkey up to no good! But you know that I love you, Lord, yes! I love you, Bloggie Souls!
Love from your SisSTAR xoxoxo

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Little Bit of Sympathy...

There have been a lot of losses all around me lately, or anniversaries of losses, or losing most of what one has had, or losing one's mind, or one's life, or dignity. We can't always be there for our friends and loved ones, nor they for us, but we can all be truthful in acknowledging our love, respect and limitations. I found this "poem" a few minutes ago and decided it'd be OK to post it here. It was a real scenario-type moment from my life and someone who meant a lot to me
having her husband die...a little over a year after my brother died, so I felt like such an expert in what some people just don't want to hear and others come up with saying these things because they just don't fucking know what to really say. Grief is uncomfortable. Yet there can be true comfort in grief expressed with fearless honesty and forthrightness. I applaud those who can do so. I strive to be that person. For all those out there who are going through losses in whatever way, know that that silver lining is in that cloud based on how you approach it and do your best to be there, first, for yourself, then if able, for others. Bless you, Bloggie Souls ... the connection between us is invisible and yet penetrating. The photo is of a gifted plant from my very dear friend who took a chance and brought me her String of Hearts plant all the way from MD for me to get a cutting. It's taken me awhile, but the couple of "strings" are doing well and blooming. Strange little flowers that look like penises!? but pretty and interesting, nevertheless. Strive to keep your friendships and love for family alive. I dedicate this String of Hearts to Pamela and her wonderful family and to all of my family and friends and their families ... and to all of you who I will never know, connecting Hearts elevates our consciousness. OK, here's the writing I just found...for what it's worth:
I wrote a letter of condolence tonight, with no sympathy card-- I hope I wrote something worthwhile,
'cause I just cannot say,
"I'm sorry for your loss" and
I just cannot say,
"He's in a better place," and
I just cannot say,
"He wouldn't want you to be sad,"
and I just cannot say,
"He's not suffering any more," and
I just cannot say,
"If there's anything I can do,
please let me know," and
I just cannot say,
"Now it's time you moved on," and
I just cannot say,
"It was God's will," or
"God wanted him to come Home,"
or I just cannot say,
"Take a little while" and "time will
heal," "it just takes time"--
TIME--there is no more time and we are left to figure out what to do 'til it's our turn, and sometimes you don't care if it's sooner than later--and sometimes you even laugh as well as cry.
--klh 9/08
"keep laughin' honey!"

Friday, July 4, 2008


...the other night I saw my favorite fireworks!
it was a dark and peaceful display with only the music
playing in my head, every year around this time
are out there winking and blinking and shining lights
shining lights to attract others to them
no noise, no explosions, no popping and whirring,
buzzing or blasting, no giant
you feel right in your heart,
just a gentle twinkling in the darkness
for those who have eyes to see.
Know that your SisSTAR Kylita
is Here Now
shining her Light
to attract other Lights
for the purpose of
Do what you love and love who you are!
xo Highest and Best Blessings xo
(blink blink, twinkle, wink, sparkle, flash)
*Keep Laughin' Honey!*