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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Little Bit of Sympathy...

There have been a lot of losses all around me lately, or anniversaries of losses, or losing most of what one has had, or losing one's mind, or one's life, or dignity. We can't always be there for our friends and loved ones, nor they for us, but we can all be truthful in acknowledging our love, respect and limitations. I found this "poem" a few minutes ago and decided it'd be OK to post it here. It was a real scenario-type moment from my life and someone who meant a lot to me
having her husband die...a little over a year after my brother died, so I felt like such an expert in what some people just don't want to hear and others come up with saying these things because they just don't fucking know what to really say. Grief is uncomfortable. Yet there can be true comfort in grief expressed with fearless honesty and forthrightness. I applaud those who can do so. I strive to be that person. For all those out there who are going through losses in whatever way, know that that silver lining is in that cloud based on how you approach it and do your best to be there, first, for yourself, then if able, for others. Bless you, Bloggie Souls ... the connection between us is invisible and yet penetrating. The photo is of a gifted plant from my very dear friend who took a chance and brought me her String of Hearts plant all the way from MD for me to get a cutting. It's taken me awhile, but the couple of "strings" are doing well and blooming. Strange little flowers that look like penises!? but pretty and interesting, nevertheless. Strive to keep your friendships and love for family alive. I dedicate this String of Hearts to Pamela and her wonderful family and to all of my family and friends and their families ... and to all of you who I will never know, connecting Hearts elevates our consciousness. OK, here's the writing I just found...for what it's worth:
I wrote a letter of condolence tonight, with no sympathy card-- I hope I wrote something worthwhile,
'cause I just cannot say,
"I'm sorry for your loss" and
I just cannot say,
"He's in a better place," and
I just cannot say,
"He wouldn't want you to be sad,"
and I just cannot say,
"He's not suffering any more," and
I just cannot say,
"If there's anything I can do,
please let me know," and
I just cannot say,
"Now it's time you moved on," and
I just cannot say,
"It was God's will," or
"God wanted him to come Home,"
or I just cannot say,
"Take a little while" and "time will
heal," "it just takes time"--
TIME--there is no more time and we are left to figure out what to do 'til it's our turn, and sometimes you don't care if it's sooner than later--and sometimes you even laugh as well as cry.
--klh 9/08
"keep laughin' honey!"


Sandpiper (Lin) said...

This is a very touching and very caring post. Well said, well written. Thank you so much for visiting my blog when I was sick. I'm very far behind and I'm trying to catch up this week. It has taken me some time to visit you.

Second Edition said...

So true, that poem, every word. Thank you for posting it and reminding me of my community...all us brothers and sisters.

Rhiannon said...


I loved the clear honesty you wrote in this poem. It's true people sometimes only say what makes them maybe feel better or more "comfortable", rather than the one who is grieving..I've witnessedthis many many times.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post and the beautiful photo also.