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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Warrior Doll
My cousin made this for me--it was called a "slam doll" or something like that. Said I could slam it on the table or countertop whenever I got mad ... it was all "nude pink fabric" and it seemed so innocent and sweet, I couldn't even think about beating it against something. So I armed her with her warrior uniform and hardware and she can kick ass whenever she needs to (protecting me from myself, perhaps?) I was hoping you could click on it to enlarge to see her beautiful chainmail armor, not sure if you can see her crescent moon "sword" tucked in her belt in back. I have a dream catcher that is beautiful, and that poor thing must be heavily laden down. Perhaps there is a good way to "refresh" a poor, worn out dream catcher. But! I have never named my Warrior anyone who would like to make a suggestion, let me know. I wish my Cousin Claire could visit my blog but she's not online...has a little mailstation like I used to have. It got me started--it was "virginal" computer emailing--and limited. I learned to go to the library and get my others that wouldn't come through--that's when I learned that some people fwd some pretty bizarre stuff!! stuff you may not want the Joe Blow or Jane Doe sitting near and around you at the library. So it is July 23rd and I cannot believe Summertime has come this far. I finally discovered my first (and probably last) attempt at downloading my own variety CD--before they kept threatening to arrest you and I quit, leaving it to braver souls. It's called "Summertime" and it has a LOT of different versions of that wonderful song. Of course, one of my favorites is Janis Joplin because, well, at 16 yrs old when I heard her singing the blues, it tore a rip in my Soul just a little and, dying right after I graduated high school, there went another chunk. I spent one strange summer drinking Boones Farm Wild Mountain wine and singing Janis Joplin songs--being bohemian and, I think it was only a few years ago I drank a beer or two too many and once again sang Janis Joplin songs before zonking out. Turtle Blues is probably my favorite--if I could pick. But "Summertime" and the living is easy, fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high...your daddy's rich and your ma's so good lookin' hush little baby, don't you .... cryeeeeee.
"One of these mornin' you gonna rise up singing, you're gonna spread your wings and take to the sky ... but 'til that mornin' there ain't nothin' can harm you, with mammy and daddy standing by. So hush, sweet Bloggie Souls, don't you cryeeeeeee.
(thanks for letting me rant--if you did, anyway!?)
KLH-keep laughin' honey xoxo


Rhiannon said...

:o) so remind me of myself..I've got my fav Janis song "Ball and chain" the best version on youtube..where she stops in the middle of the song and starts talking about all of us in life "Being on the same train man"..and how this day "could be your last so you better make it count man"..oh yeah..

Warrior name..hmmm...let me think of that..I've been called a wounded warrior..we warrior need to be a warrior doll to bang around and stick pins in is actually a good least I think so!..she is cute though.

Yeah, I was bohemina then..and still am now..still singing to Janis also..

Later, got to go..


Kylita said...

Rhi ... oh, no! I chose NOT to beat this poor doll up or stick pins into ... I have DANCED with her and basically she is left alone to defend ... whatever she chooses ;oD
By the way, it is Cousin's Day! I didn't even realize it when I wrote about my cousin sending me this. She sent me a lovely card with a big lavender field and a lavender sachet inside. She's in her 80s ... I, at 56-1/2, am the baby granddaughter. Of course, both grandmas died when I was 9. Hope you'll get this msg!?
Maybe I'll call her SisSTAR Steel!?