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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Memoriam...

...of Edward, my friend Holly's brother who would have been 37 today, though sadly, it is also the 1st anniv of his death. He died in his sleep on his 36th birthday. I searched my computer for half an hour to find this photo and I KNEW I had it. I finally found it in the special file I keep of the correspondence between me and she and it was an attachment to the 1st email I got in Sept 07 after we'd met on the Adult Sibling Grief website. Isn't he such a handsome and beautiful man? I am hoping that by posting this here, when she sees it she will be moved in a happy way. It took me awhile to search him out, but I found him and I see he thinks it's pretty funny! Even funnier was the fact that after I'd previewed the 1st post, it totally disappeared! But I am like a badger sometime and I want to grace my blog with Edward's presence. Eres Tu, Mamacita! Aloha!
Love and understanding,
Kyle xo


Second Edition said...

Oh thank you so much for honoring my brother. It's been good to be here with family this week, but also lonely in the way that only family can make you feel. Everyone (cousins and aunties) pull me aside and ask after my parents, my sister-in-law, my niece and nephew, but NO ONE has asked about me because, of course, I am only the sister. You and I have made our peace with this I know, but still I wish I was home with my puppy dog and Ranger where the compassion is as ready as a squeeze or a hug. I think of you often, knowing you are with me, giving me strength and understanding and patience. Thank you for your spirit, sister. It means everything to me.

Rhiannon said...


He looked so warm and happy. Oh these sadness's that we feel so often..and for your dear "sister" friend.

I hope I don't sound too personal, but may I ask about the "CODE" you mentioned in your about you view profile in your blog?

Because "Sister" I also am a "CODE"! And I have a far away (in more ways than one)family blood relatives, but I really have "no family" at all if you know what I mean? It's just me all these years since my divorce 10 years ago. My it's been a rough road but I'm a survivor just like you are.

I hope I'll hear back from you or maybe we can even e-mail a bit? I'll leave it up to you..

Bless you "CODE" sister Kylita!


Rhiannon said...

P.S. I do have my kitty cat "Lizzie" I named after my favorite character "Lizzie" from Pride and Prejudice..she is my "real family" and my lifeliine as well..such a loving sweet girl..puurrrrr.:o)..your kitty cat looks like a sweetie also.