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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

At a time when being "green" is fashionably ecological, I know I will have to be wearin' a bit o'green tomorrow! It was also a treat to see a free concert at our Library last Sunday of the musicians called BLACKTHORN. My brother and me used to take a beer out of the refrigerator, uncap it, put a bit of green food coloring in it and put the cap back on for when our dad came home from work. Of course, I'm sure he was expecting it all since it was a family tradition for years and years, but he'd always act surprised and we'd be so pleased with ourselves. Just before my dad died 3/27/86, that St Patrick's Day we put a little green food coloring in a glass of milk for him and he smiled, which was rare to be sure after he'd developed Parkinson's and sort of "lost" his emotional responses and his wonderful sense of humor and laugh and smile ... and he looked up at us and and said, "My father died on St Patrick's Day, I'm not sure if I should be celebrating it." Yes, my grandfather died 3/17/1918! Makes me feel sort've old, and I'm only a mere 58...but dad's dad died when my dad was only 12. I do remember lots of fun and happy St Patrick's Day celebrations in our little family of 4 with the dish my mom called "Jigs 'n Maggie" also known as corned beef and cabbage. I'm making cabbage, red potatoes, onions and carrots "boiled dinner" tomorrow and that will suffice. I know my husband and myself will love it.

I even have a couple little shamrock plants I've tended to for many years now and one is blooming. The purple one will be blooming one of these days, and it has little purple flowers as opposed to the white ones on the green shamrock. So here's to Ireland and here's to being green! And here's to Danny Boy xoxo

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Muhd Imran said...

Sound happy times are there for you amid all the memories of yesteryears.

Happy ST. Pat's Day!

Rhiannon said...

Hope you had a Happy St. Patrick's Day SisStar! Lot's going on holiday wise in month of March. Birthdays, St. Patricks Day, first day of spring is coming any day now..and oh not to forget daylight savings time last Sunday! My heavens! I'm overwhelmed!

The days are getting warmer on and off of late (60's to low 70's) but night temps drop down to low 30's or even 20's a bit of late!

Happy Early Spring. Sounds great your eating better and feeling better. I am so glad. I crave salads a lot and I put all the so called "Brain food" in them. Red bell peppers, tuna fish, cheese, and cucumbers and tomatoes. I always feel so much better after I eat a large salad with Romaine heart lettuce.

I also like to make rice pilaf with kidney beans with cooked broccoli(frozen has more nutrients than fresh actually they say) and mix this all up and it is so good.