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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Moon Fantasies

This is Emily ... new Mom of Aidan on 3/20/10 in Texas

Happy Full Moon in Libra

The night sky is beautiful out there tonight. Officially full about 45 mins ago. Some of you would scoff at my suggestion that things can

get a little "loony" during the lunar fullness ... but we are all salt

water, bloggies, and those ebb and flow of tides within us are not

without their meaningfulness sometimes.

1st day of spring, nearly 10 days ago now, got two phone calls: 1) my

cousin died up north...he was married to his awesome wife 62 yrs;

2) our friend's daughter had her baby in Texas where she went to

help her ... and we heard of it just minutes after it happened laughing

with the newly uncle and grand uncle of little Aidan ... at a pub at

the end of our road. Both in the same day. Sympathy followed by

congratulations. Sorrow followed by joy. Memories followed by new

memories in the making. And we as witness.

I don't know ... will March go out like a Lion? It came in like a Lamb,

so the old story goes. It certainly has cooled down drastically, dang

it! The warmth and sunshine were so welcoming, but then those

early damned mosquitos weren't welcome at all! Bastards! Will it

still snow yet? Hmmmmm!?

Today is the 24th and 17th anniv of my dad and mom's deaths ... and

also their wedding anniversary. I know I've written about them

dying and being buried both on their anniversary. Always the drama

with them! ha! I live in my childhood home, as I've said over and over

boringly...but I honor them with my memories and the good memories

are the best. All in all it's been a peaceful weekend and Monday, and

a Full Moon to boot, just to add to the drama.

Happy Trails, Dana and Josephine ... thank you for marrying and

having me 9 yrs later, your first bundle of joy. I am grateful.


Make some memories out there, Bloggies! Remember your loved ones

in positive lights. Keep smiling and shining on!

Love from your

SisSTAR xoxoxo


Rhiannon said...

I seriously do believe that the earth and fellow "humans" are affected by the cycles of the other words it does affect us and what happens at certain cycles of the moon.

Whenever there is a new moon, almost always something "new and good" happens to a matter of fact I write it on my calendars what happens to me almost every single month on the new moon! When there is a full moon, as is happening now, I feel "strange" and people are getting "strange" and "weird"..reading about that Militia group in Michigan (sorry they are in your state SisStar)they arrested and them being so called "Christians" looking to get and kill the "anti-christ" is sure a full moon story if I ever heard one! A scary one at that.

I tell ya the world is getting mighty strange these days..but like with the full moon, the world has it's ebbs and flows with the cycle of life.

Congrats on your friend having a baby...welcome to this crazy world little innocent life..

Love SisStar


Propoquerian said...

The comfort I take from you story is one i try and remind myself of constantly, that there will be joy until the end of my days. there absolutely will be, even at the most unexpected moments because, really, a sad event does not make a happy one less likely. I usually just have to make one phone call, or take a little stroll, to find something of immense joy.

my sympathies AND congratulations on the events of this post :)