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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Moon in April

Well, it's not a new moon yet, but it will be on the 14th. I put a new header photo up there of a pic I got fwd'd to me this past wkend. It looks a lot like our kitty, Tuffy, and we do have between 3-7 deer who roam around our little +/- 2 acres ... there's a lot of wild property surrounding us and a little creek for them to follow, but just a very short distance away is one of the heaviest intersections in the county and we are pretty much in the "city" once you leave our road. We get fined now if we feed the deer, but we have always fed the birds and critters and even if we didn't put any cracked corn, etc. on the ground, the deer come right up to the fence and eat out of the bird feeder! I was sitting out in the little orchard (another place they get "accidentally fed" when it's harvest time--since we don't spray the fruit, it is for them and other critters) ... I heard a snort and saw Tuffy walking tenuously out of the weeds and I was on the other side of the old McIntosh apple tree when I turned around and saw a doe staring at me. She came into the orchard where it is mowed and was really, really close to me and kept snorting and stomping her front hooves! I was reading a newspaper and knew that I had to be real cool ... one of my first thoughts was of me being trompled in the face with little doe hooves! So I talked really low and gentle to her and she kept stomping ... and then I put the newspaper slowly up to my face and turned her way and, whew! she went flying down into the wooded area with her white tail up in the air and disappeared. That was a close one...and I'm sure she had a fawn or fawns close by she was protecting. Anyway...I wanted to share that little story, for no particular reason. Everything seems to be mating now ... I saw two mourning doves getting down on the phone wires! That's a balancing act if I ever saw one! And there were two red and black beetles going for it on the rock wall. Birds are doing their little mating dances and cooings and there is a pair (with an extra male hanging around) of mallards in the pond doing some strange head bobbing dance.
Well, speaking of mates ... mine just got home from work and I will close this now and go out and greet him. I feel really blessed to live here in my childhood home with him ... and Tuffy Boy and all the critters and birds......and many memories.
Love from your SisSTAR xoxoxo


Muhd Imran said...

Hello SisSTAR,

Fancy that. I was telling Donna about the many childhood memories I have in me that I wished for some photographs to be had because these memories are slowly fading from my mind.

There you are feeling blessed; still in you childhood home and continue living the wonderful life even now!

Spring is such a happy time for all things living. Hope you have a wonderful springtime.

Rhiannon said...

Oh no! I wrote you a whole "big" ole comment on here and clicked on "publish" and it got lost in the "kosmos"...darn..:o(..I wrote a story about the big ole deer family that I was very close to when I was married and lived up on "the hill" on 15 acres and how special they were to me. I will never forget any of them. I think I may have shared that story with you over the phone anyway.

How was your Easter?

Will write you an e-mail when I get a chance..there's some very interesting things going on looks like my sister is on the county housing list for this area and I have been helping her work on it..but only in an indirect way...trying to be careful..I see her changing and I can tell that my encouragement that she will "make it" and one day soon have her own little place is making her have hope.

More later,

Happy Spring,

Love Rhi