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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio today

Happy Full Moon!

Looked out at the night sky last night and it was just beautiful. When I was a kid I saw the moon not with a face but with a figure similar to Mickey Mouse shooting a bow and arrow in it. It took me far into adulthood to realize that others did not see this!?? Then I spoke with my Dad one time and he said he always saw an archer. Hmmmm! Do you suppose he told me that pre-memory recall? Then I had an album (remember those?) with all female musicians my brother gave me and one of the songs was "Woman in the Moon" and it was so beautiful. Then I began to see the "face" on the moon as a woman's and last night she was perfectly upright with her melancholy face and her slightly Mona Lisa smile and she was peachy colored. Since I work for two psychiatrists and fully believe, from experience, that there is more, shall we say, emotional ups and downs, "mental" activity going on during the lunar "lunacy" ... there were more than double the messages today, some quite frantic to be seen TODAY (didn't happen). Fortunately, I felt pretty balanced and peaceful and capable today and happy to help others.

I got a fwd of "animal lovers" photos today and copied a few, the above post being one of them. I call it the "yin/yang cat and dog" and even though it's not related to a full moon per se, it is a testament to being able to get along.

We are so excited that our niece, Becky, is coming to visit us this weekend. We have probably had a total of 2!!!! visitors briefly so far THIS YEAR! so to have someone we really love and want to visit with spend the night, well, it's such a great reason to clean the house - ha ha! She is driving 2 hrs to get here and we appreciate the effort. (And if you're reading this, Beck, thanks so much for coming!! We'll do our best not to let you down!)

I got to sit in my McIntosh Apple Tree today before work. It is in full blossom as are the other trees in our little orchard, and I hope the blossoms will last for awhile so I can sit there again and maybe get to whistle-call back and forth with some migratory birds like tanagers or orioles that like to feast on the blossoms. I can sit in the crotch of the tree and they never know I'm there. It is one of my favorite things to do ever. I always thought it'd be great to build a tree house in that tree, but I somehow don't think that's going to happen. But I can dream!

I wish you all a wonderful springtime, lots of flowers to pick and smell and put in pretty vases, and feast your eyes outside in Mother Nature with the beauty and the bounty that is our Home. Thank you, Mother Earth!

Love Your Mother!


Love from,

Your SisSTAR






Rhiannon said...

No wonder I've been feeling quite sad and melancholy today...I see, as you said it's full moon now. I didn't even realize it I'm so melancholy and "wishfull".

The first bud from a red rose came up's right outside my living room window..I'm trying to think of it as myself "Reblooming" somehow again. It was a lovely day here also and I took a nice stroll watching the clouds and then sitting on a bench in the garden here and looking at all of "mother earth and father sky" felt nice...but like I said "a calm sad melancholy"...going along with the moon cycle I am sure..

Hanging out in that tree sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could join you...:o)

Thanks again for taking the time to call me. Nothing here has really changed, and no one has contacted me if you know what I mean. However my girlfriends here have been very supportive telling me I'm brave and to continue to "be strong" and not "give in" if you know what I mean? It hurts.

My sister will be arriving the 16th of May, a Sunday. She already knows where she will be staying for a few weeks, at least when she gets here. I'm rather proud of her of late. I can see a "sea change" in her. It will have been about 6 years since I've seen her.

"this too shall pass"...Happy beautiful spring to you also dear SisStar Kylita!



Rhiannon said...

Oh I forgot to mention. I always saw and still "see" a Mona Lisa type womans face when I look at the moon..with her calm sad like smile..peaceful like. I wish I could fly to the moon right about now..hehe.

Also wanted to commend you on your good eating healthy "habits" that you are doing so well at. Congrats on the weight loss. You go girl! I'm very proud of you, you know?

365 Letters said...

At least I know I'm not alone...I never saw a face in the moon, either. My "Man in the Moon" was cooking breakfast at a stove. I have no idea how I knew he was cooking breakfast or why it was breakfast when I usually saw him at night, but that's what I saw.