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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He works for treats

Thought I'd try Tuffy Boy on my "masthead" for awhile. I can't seem to keep it at the same photo for very long. Variety is the spice and all...But he's such a pretty boy, our wild child. Just hoping to get through the winter. Got my car washed and same day he was walking on it with his muddy feet and sliding off the roof onto the back and off, the entire top of the car he walked! The T-Bird does not like it.

Well, thank god it's the back end of Hump Day ... Wednesday, hell of a day to call it, but we're "over the hump" so 'they' say. I sit here doing my "email" thing and the rare blog (I've been on a roll lately but it can't last ;oD)

Bon soir, Mes Ami xoxoxoxoxo Soeur Estrelita xoxo

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365 Letters said...

Oh, what a beauty! My Little One is on my masthead over at my other blog, We most always have paw prints all over the car! I just figure it helps me make sure I'm getting into the right car at the supermarket!