SisSTARS for PEACE ... Proud to be for Peace and Love...War is Not an Answer!
"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sis*STAR* in the Af-*firmament*

I Am open and receptive to the powers of Grace, Awareness and Abundance in my life now. I ask to be shown and to recognize those energies so that I might take advantage of the valuable opportunities therein, and I SURRENDER knowing Something! far greater, more positive, loving and abundant than I have imagined is on its way Here an Now ... and I am grateful.


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