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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my good friend Jane!!!

This is a photo of my good buddy that I stole off her digital camera when she visited us awhile ago. She lives in Frankfort and I found out this past week that she was skiing Crystal Mtn and !!! broke her collarbone, fractured several ribs and fractured her shoulder blade!!! Ouch, Jane! That sounds just god-awful! I hope you are getting some good rest and maybe reading my "boog" now and then. (That's my favorite name for it since "blog" is so ugly...that way I'm boogying ;o)
Thanks also to Barb who is helping to care for her and the two lady dogs who are undoubtedly helpful, too. Just remember how fun you were having kayaking and maybe perhaps you'll have to put "skiing" on the back burner for now, eh? (That's Canadian for "eh?")
We look fwd to springtime when we can come up there for a good visit. I look fwd to walking on the beach in Frankfort and meeting Barb and Jay and the dogs. Can you hear the foghorn from where you are? I always loved the foghorn. Well...once again, Happy Birthday!!! Oprah has nothing over you, Babe!!! You're the best! Love & "gentle" hugs ... and be assured I will be doing some good Reconnective Healing work for you from where I am. Nightie night! Love, SisSTAR

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Second Edition said...

I love a woman in a kayak. May she set sail again very soon.