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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Leave Hoggy Alone!!! Hibernate, Hoggy!!

Tuffy Boy is catnapping again, he's never afraid of his shadow, in fact he goes after himself many times. He also will go after a groundhog and has! So, let's let Hoggy sleep, undisturbed from his hibernation, let there be more winter, as there surely will, and be damned yanking the pure Whistle Pig from its hidey-hole. No need for me worrying about my "son" Tuff Tuff to be out there hunting it down. I love him, anyway, but I also love the other critters out there. And a good, deep winter snow is great if it can deter Tuff from being the Serial Killer that he may very well be.
He looks pretty rumpled in this photo, holding his teddy bear, because we'd just mauled/petted him. And he'd been into the catnip. Wish I had some catnip! Heavy sigh.......there was such a hyped up weather report the other night that schools and businesses closed ahead of time before any hint of it happening; appts cancelled left and right, and we even heard a weatherman say this: "There's snow falling from a cloud up there, it just isn't hitting the ground!" Oooohhhh! Now that was really scary! It never happened, folks! Maybe somewhere it happened, but not here. I think people want a Snow Day so bad that they're hanging by a cat's whisker and a wing and a prayer! And this is Michigan!!! and it's Winter! It's gonna do what it's gonna do!
Have an extraordinary Saturday....Super Bowl Eve (boo hiss boo)...I need to go purchase food to make my husband some awesome nachos tomorrow like I promised. Happy Ground Hog's Day (to the ground hogs!) Peace out, SisSTARs!!!

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jeff said...

Amen to SisStar, let the hogs lie.I can't wait for the Nachos. God bless Tuff.