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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sittin' Sippin' on a Sunny Saturday...

Just got brave and sent my blog to the Haswells in my address book. Here's a frond of Bleeding Hearts to welcome any of you who are kind enough to read me.
Had some red bush tea with "Your intuition is your best friend" on the string. It soothed my hoarse throat from coughing and eased my respiratory system from a night of being "Asthmaralda". Sometimes Tuffy sits outside my closed bedroom door and thinks he's hearing cats meowing in my room from me wheezing. He scratches on the door and meows. I wheeze back and only on the weekends do I let him in ... so he can terrorize my room, scratch the wicker bookcase, jump up the wall trying to get at the dreamcatcher with the feathers. He seems to pick right when I'm in the deepest of dreamland and therefore grouchy to wake up. I let him out into the tundra of snow and he hides under the neighbors' big pine trees for awhile. He reminds me of a Lynx!
Well, it's 1 pm and Jeff's out for a walk. Guess it's time to get dressed ;o) I'm so glad it's Saturday and the sun is shining brightly.
KLH ("Keep Laughin', Honey!") xoxoxo

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