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Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Morning, Glories!!! Finally downloaded some photos from 2007 and this is one at the Elberta lookout last May. Me, Jeff and Dana, my nephew, had taken a trip up north to my cousin, Gary's, burial service. He had died Jan 30th but it's awful cold that time of year up there. Since my nephew had never been where his ancestry had mostly lived, I gave him and Jeff a quick tour of some of my favorite sites, and since his dad had died in a car crash Aug 2006 up there, we went to the accident site, and the last several places he had been. My brother and I were both born in Frankfort, where the pier in the photo is, and I'm sure you could throw a rock up the bluff and hit the hospital on the roof, if you were a good thrower. So I love this place. So often, no matter where I was in the county, I'd try to hightail it over to this very spot to watch the sun go down. It is a real popular place as there's often photographers with their tripods set up to get awesome pictures. I think I'll go back and post the one I took of Jeff and Dana, unbeknownst to them, as they were watching the sun go down. Since I haven't heard anything from my nephew since last May, I post this here to let go of the sadness over that, and to send it out into the ethers in hopes that wherever he is and however he is, life is being good to him. I love and miss you, Dana--Dana, my brother, Dana, my nephew. Well, even Dana, my father, come to think of it! He's the first one who took me to this place and lived back in the woods on Haswell Road--I got to stop there and see the old homestead which my cousin has so kindly worked hard to preserve. Bless you!

I'm off soon to the office ... got lots of checks to deposit!!! My favorite part of the job, thinking that, hey! some of this is going to be shared with me!!! ;o)

T.G.I.F......and y'all have a nice weekend, Okie Doakie?

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ardi k said...

I lost my sister in November last year. But memories are sweet.

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