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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Introducing Tuffy Boy

And she rolls along far into the night... the Feline (me) has kissed the Equine (husband) goodnight and after nodding and bobbing for the duration of the Beatles' movie HELP! which dear husband wanted to watch, now I am bright and chipper like a good kitty ^;^ . Tuffy Boy (isn't he a handsome little devil) had played out with Dad's bathrobe belt and a sock full of catnip and he's sacked out now, too. So here I sit boogering away (oops! sorry, blogging!) to the Ethers-that-be. This awesome tomcat came to me while I was weeding flowers on our dog Mandy's grave. She had died 10 days after my brother and we buried her in the yard with lavender, a Rose of Sharon and an old fashioned rosebush on her grave. All of a sudden I heard this howling, rowrhing noise and this tabby cat had jumped off our rock wall and run to me, flopping down on the ground at my feet, right on the grave, and I thought it was a female in heat. I freaked! No, no! Not a cat! The last cat I had many yrs ago broke my heart when I had to put him to sleep--his name was Morvern's Roaring Rufus of Himihaven--Rufus. I never wanted another cat. But week after week this gorgeous boy kept at it and we finally had the vet come to the house and check him out. That was his first visit inside. His crying and howling reminded me of my own mournful cries while I was home alone grieving the loss of my brother--and I pondered on the possibility that Tuffy (named after my own Mom's nickname and a cat I'd had as a child named the same) had heard me when he was hiding out on the rock wall because it is underneath the corner kitchen window where I do a lot of staring out into space, playing percussion on the stainless steel sink, dancing and singing...and crying like a wounded animal after Dana's death. In any event....enough about that. I did want to introduce Tuffy Boy/Tuf Guy/Tuffster, TuffyMuffyPuffyWuffyFluffyTuffy (oh yeah, it gets sickening). He rules the house now. You should see the recliner. It is shredded. And I don't give a shit! I just don't. He has my heart, and even my husband who is a total dog person has fallen in love with this little dude.
I was so happy to hear from my friend Holly today. She makes me smile and makes me grateful to know her. Thanks, Budette! I was also happy that I forked over $25 (incl tip!) for an awesome haircut on my way home from work. This was the first time in over 4 yrs that I "let" someone cut my hair other than myself. I am so gorgeous. Even the spot underneath in back where last week a burgundy silk nightgown decided to turn my neck, torso, armpits, breasts...and it seems now hair also! bright pink!!! The hair stylist said, "This part is purple!" After 3 washings, I still have some nightie dye in my hair. Guess it was a hot flash that night, eh? I'm a real Sweathard!
Well, SisSTARS (and Bruthas, too) ... goodnight Darlings and sweet dreams befall you. Maybe I'll see you there! *** SisSTAR Kylita ;o)

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