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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Forward, my ass...

Daylight savings time--what a huge pain in the butt! Esp in the "spring" (hello? do you see this photo? That's what it looks like here!) when we "lose" the hour we "gained" last fall. I resent having a whole hour taken away from our weekend. Weekends are hard to come by for some of us and every moment is precious. And why so early? What BS are they cramming down our throats now about how this will "save money" somewhere along the line? I did wake up to pee (yes, TMI--too much info) this a.m. and saw a gorgeous sunrise. I don't see too many of those. I'm a sunset kind of gal. The sky was beautiful, but of course, not enough to make me want to stay up. And spring is 11 days from now...somewhere I'm sure it is, anyway. As for us here in Michigan, this 80 lb Goose I lugged home from Upstate New York 20+ yrs ago, well, she's dressed a little bit like Elvis right now. She just looks too damned naked out there in the snow without something on, and I regret not having given her a hat this winter. Soon it will be her Butterfly outfit, or maybe her bikini. It's loads of fun for me, never having had a child of my own to dress up. Tuffy Boy got a new Lion's football jacket for a great photo-op with his Dad, but the darned cat will have nothing of it, except that he loves sleeping on the flannel inner lining in his rocking chair. Today we managed to cut his inch long (I exaggerate) claws. He's safer that way... to us. Well, gotta go watch the midnight showing of Corner Gas. Ever see it? It's a hoot from Canada!!! It's officially Monday now ... one hour earlier. Damn, that just isn't right! Gotta wait 2-3 seasons to get it back ... and we never do, really, do we?
Happy Monday! Have a good week. Love and kisses from your SisSTAR xoxoxo

1 comment:

jeff said...

Here here, I agree, leave the time alone. There should be more important things to worry about.
It will be nice to see the Goose lose the coat. Yeah !!!! Almost spring !!!