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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Remember Mama

Josephine Link Haswell
11-26-16 to 3-26-93
Mama, I'll always remember the last night I saw you and the steady look between our blue eyes and me tickling your legs and you not liking it, and the depth of love I felt, and leaving visiting hours early because you were ready to rest. I didn't know it was the last time I'd see you alive, but if it had to be, you looked peaceful and that special look between us will last me the rest of my life. I often see it again, in the mirror. I love it when I dream about you and it feels like a visit. I truly do miss you. Living here in the home you and Father built 60 yrs ago is healing and a blessing for me and Jeff. I named our "stray" cat after your nickname, Tuffy, and he takes over your rocking chair and your hope chest (and most everything else). I sometimes hug the Quaker Oats oatmeal box and think of how I teased that you looked just like him ... as now I do (pay-backs, eh?) and I remember such beautiful things you taught me and what a kind and loving person you were. Anything else to the contrary, I strive to let go by the wayside. I cannot believe it's been 15 yrs since I saw you. Time is irrelevant, though, isn't it, Mama? I feel very blessed. Thank you for my life.
Your Daughter, Kyle Lynn xoxo
p.s. I know how pleased you are that I have found peace and contentment in my marriage now of over 22 yrs! Miracles happen, eh?


jeff said...

Miracles do happen, and your mom and dad would be proud. I miss them too.

Second Edition said...

Thank you for sharing how you hold your mother in your heart. There's a song, by Brandi Carlile, called "Josephine." And a small aside, I was embarrassed that my dad gave me a boy's middle name, Jo. So I used to tell people it was really Josephine.


I found you because of our common interests; it was quite an experience as I started reading your 'blog'.

I'm from Michigan - outside of Kalamazoo.

When I saw the date of your mom's birthday, I thought I should mention I was born on 11/26 as well.

Also, I'm starting a 'blog' for my mother who still lives in Michigan - long-distance, as we 'talk'; tape, and I'll start building it here; finish it when I visit her in September.

I love what I've read so far; you cherish your mother and dad - it would appear 'family' in general.

So, let me continue reading - it's a lovely 'home' you've made....