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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Geneva xo

Just wanted to send some loving greetings to our Aunt Geneva in Tennessee today. This is the best I can do for a "family photo" which was taken at Jeff's 49th birthday a few yrs back.
Front row: Kristy, Becky, Janet & Jeff
Back Row: Jan (our friend), Chris (Kristy's husband), Gary (our friend) and Johnny
Notice the SLOAN University shirt Jeff is wearing? Cool, eh?
Hope you are doing well and remembering past birthdays with fondness and love. I know you miss your daughter and somehow I feel that her Spirit must be with you on this day and always because you both loved each other so much. Thank you for such a fine example of a good mother, sister and aunt. Since I was taking the photo, you'll just have to check your cupboard for Quaker Oatmeal and that guy on the front looks just like me! hee hee!
Love, Kyle and all of us
P.S. I hear you like NASCAR!?


Sandpiper said...

I came by to say thanks for visiting my blog today, but now I can also wish Aunt Geneva a very happy birthday! A nice smiling picture of your family. I enjoyed reading your April Fool's post, too.

jeff said...

Happy Birthday to Aunt Geneva, I remember so many of our visits were on our way back from Clintwood when we would grocery shop and I remember Grandma and Uncle Harold would be in the living room or on the front porch and you would be in the kitchen trying to feed us but I really remember those little bottles of COCA COLA. They tasted so good and I remember how much you loved them. I love You very much and miss you. I hope this is a great day for you.