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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Over-the-Hump Day!

Man! Did you folks survive that Full Moon of last weekend? I know where the word "lunacy" comes from, for sure!!! This is Tuffy Boy in the neighbor's yard atoning for his sin of scratching his Daddy (Jeff) in the face, almost the eye! and feeling pretty darned bad about it! He may have gotten all excited that the Pope was visiting and decided to be Catholic, I'm not sure.
All weekend and for over a week now the toads and frogs have been singing (and other stuff!) in the pond and it was beautiful in the beginning, I even wrote it on the calendar. Now it's more like a trance state that makes you want to go mad and climb the walls. Then there's trying to keep Tuffy away from the little "toys" swimming around in the pond, oblivious to any cat lurking, since they are doing what things "do" in the springtime (except Tuffy, having been neutered). Anyway, we are looking fwd to them calming down and getting settled into turning into more toads and frogs and their high-pitched singing will be a thing of the past. It is a sure sign of spring, though. I have to admit, I do go out there and sing with them now and then. It isn't easy getting up to that octave any more but they don't mind if I sound awful.
Had a nice visit with Becky H Monday night ... had some pizza and went out and did a little shopping. It was just good to talk to someone non-work-related! We had a lot of laughs, too, and actually were celebrating her birthday that was 2 mos ago!!! Yes, I do procrastinate!
Well, nothing much going on (like in Dog River, Saskachewan--from Corner Gas, if you ever get to see it on WGN TV!) but wanted to stop by and say hello, just in case you were out there in my "viewing audience" ;o)
I've had loved ones tell me to keep on bloggin' so I can't let them down!
I think I better get up off my buns and walk outside ... I believe I've missed most of the day being stuck inside with no windows. I did sneak out to do a bank deposit and took myself to have a sandwich before I went back--and it was good and beautiful outside!
Pretty soon it'll be the weekend and there isn't a Full Moon this time! Thankfully!
Jeff and Tuffy have made up which makes me very happy. He batted me in the face one time but I had been trying out a new tiny comb on his face hairs and hadn't realized I'd pulled out one of his whiskers! I figured since that was the case, I deserved it, eh?
Love you all!
KLH-Keep Laughing, Honey!

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