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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sun moves into Taurus/Full Moon in Scorpio! Yeehah!

The grape hyacinths are coming up so I'm certain Dinka and Winky will be trying to sneak out of here again and go cavorting around! You can see this photo from last spring when Dinka packed his bags and off they went. Winky is usually self-contained, so he didn't need any bags. I can just imagine it now: They'll be doing little Gnome-y howls at the moon and trying to fish for pollywogs in the pond, they'll be trying to uproot my daffodils and capturing strange scents to leave around for Tuffy Boy to throw him off their trail. You may have seen the Gnawed Gnome photo previously! Tuffy has strange tastes, but apparently "gnome" is a delicacy for him. I doctored Dinka up from the last attack and he fared pretty well. Usually they watch over the house on the window ledge with all the agates and fossils and gemstones to make sure no bad energy gets thru the window, but they do like to sneak down the draperies late at night and we've noticed lots of things moved around the next morning. So, I'll just plan on allowing them their freedom to go a'roamin' ... 'cause in the end, we all know, there's no place like home and I just gotta love these little guys. Winky's brother, Gnarry (the "g" is not silent) usually remains on the window ledge, being sweet, and tending to the flowers hanging there. He wore out his shenanigans in his previous life and he just wantsa have peace and quiet. He'll be glad to see Dinka and Winky get out and quit pestering him. They'll be back after the full moon, though, drunk on daffodil dewdrops with a little less baggage. Wish them well and blow them a kiss and miss them not for the memories in the mist will always be with you since they were wee boys and the only thing's changed are the toys. Those grape hyacinths can't blossom soon enough for Dinka and Winky!!
Y'all have a sweet weekend -- heed these Full Moon Warnings and know my heart is heavy full of love xoxoxoxoxo
SisSTAR Kylita

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jeff said...

Gnome sweet gnome !!!