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Monday, June 9, 2008

Love (or lust?) in the pond

There's lots of beautiful flowers blooming in the pond now...still no film...but earlier this Romeo was romancing his amphibian baby. The high pitched chirping singing came close to driving me mad, but I held on and made it through. After he got what he wanted, he sang no more. She held out quite awhile and I never did notice much in the way of reciprocation. Alas! he had his way with her, all while we watched nonchallantly. He had no shame, he just had to do it if he could.
There was another big electrical storm going through earlier this evening and Tuffy Boy was outside. Finally after calling from front and side doors to no avail, I decided to go open the garage door where he flew in like a cheetah from the neighbor's. He was happy for his comfy, safe home. Soon as I came in here, he jumped up on the desk and decided he wanted to get playful, though he seemed very much out of it, like he'd gotten into some catnip out there. Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that soon as he jumped up, this awful smell emanated from his back ... there was poop on him!!! Ugh! On top of his back!!!??? So, I am going to assume that it wasn't! his pooh but pooh of a mysterious nature. He seemed quite happy to let me wash his back off, scrubbing quite heavily, saying things like, "Oh, ick! yuck, gross, Tuffy!" and him looking at me nonplussed! (A nonplussed puss!) and usually he puts up a fight if I brush or comb him and has a really low "harrassment" tolerance,(which really bums me out, me who was born to harrass!) Perhaps his fat little ass couldn't reach around far enough to clean his own back! Or maybe he wanted to get up close and personal so Mom could take a good whiff, maybe his own sentiments? Who knows! But I'm hot in here, even though it's 76 (gimme 66 any time!) and I decided to try and post here since earlier I had to turn things off due to the lightning crashing all around! But, shit on a cat's back won't dismay me from feeling darned right blessed for still having our power, our electricity and air cond and lights (even though I have the candles going just in case). The office today was black as coal ... I work in a windowless cubbyhole with the door closed (great for a hermitess) and brought in a flashlight to move all the boxes of records which were beside the little refrigerator. I was pretty certain the doctor didn't think about that massive ice chunk in the tiny little freezer in the little refrigerator. It's gonna flood out, I fear, folks! and it's my room!!! I'm in there snug as a bug and don't want my rug to be...ahem! moldy/musty/skanky! No air, no copier, fax, phone, lights, no way to do much! Actually, I now see this as quite a wonderful day...except maybe for this cat who's sleeping beside me with a faint smell of poop on his back! I'm a lucky girl!!!
Goodnight now from SisSTAR ... hugs and kisses go out to you, my bonnie bloggy souls! xoxo

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Sandpiper said...

Awww, your kitty just wanted to share. LOL!!! This was a great post and very funny! I love the picture of the frog all puffed up.