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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Friday, June 27, 2008

Holly you so!!

This is a photo of my wonderful "newish" friend Holly from way out west, out near the ocean and a lighthouse, living with a wonderful younger! (OMG! not that!) man and a dog ... we met on a website for "adult sibling grief" and I wanted to introduce everyone to her here because she has helped me in ways no one else ever could. I thank you from my heart and soul ... I wear one of the agates you sent me, the rest are energizing on the windowsill. I eagerly read your blog everyday and got pissed off just now when some dumb ass nurse put a notation in your Sweetheart's chart that "the older woman is his girlfriend!" How dare that asshole! You go, Girlfriend, and you live the life lots of disenfranchised, bitter bitches only dream of. I'm sorry if I didn't get your permission to put this photo on here, but you are so beautiful to me ... and your heart is golden ... and you have the MOST awesome sense of humor! (and you think I'm funny...a big plus ;o) So, Bloggie Souls, meet my friend Holly Jo.......she is a gem of precious value. I look fwd to many years of getting to know her. To me she looks like a youngster ... a young punk who, by the way, belongs to a scooter gang - ha! Love ya, Dearie!!
Give the Ranger a little hug from this OLD woman xoxo KLH-Keep Laughin' Honey!


Second Edition said...

Aaaah, SiSStar, you are too kind. I remember the day that picture was taken, so happy to be romping in the snow with the one I love, dumbstruck by the awesome beauty around us and thankful for the warm fire and brilliant red wine waiting for us in the lodge. I hold you in my heart, dear one, for all that you've given me in your comforting words, your deep understanding and your boundless love. I'm lucky to have you and I NEVER forget that.

Rhiannon said...

Hi Sis star,

I came upon your blog with your comment over at river tree whispers..ardi's blog.

I'm a Rabbit also, 57 years old born in March 1951, and a Pisces also so kind of a double whamny! As I read some of your interest and thoughts I am similar. I love rose quartz and crystals, and other the alternative healing process. We seem to have some similar interest and I also love to dance to music from all my fav cd's and sing to them also. Do you like Loreena McKennit?

I was married to a loving man for 15 years who was younger then me. I seem to have this pattern of younger men and I getting along better. Maybe they are not set in their ways and treat women better..and I think a lot of younger men are drawn to us older women..because we are more "deep" with great pick up on the good stuff! So I'm very happy for your friend and anyone that says otherwise is maybe just being petty and jealous!..he he..:) age is just a number..I feel very young at times in my soul and my inner childe loves to dance and have fun!

Thank for letting me share and I'll drop by hear again. I've written a lot of poetry and Art posting in my blog but you would have to go back to my archives as now I'm only able to use someone else's pc so I just post some things that are a bit different of late..

I shall return...dear rabbit..



Rhiannon said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog Kylita...what a beautiful name. I added you to my blog list also.

As I read some of your post I relate to a lot of things..especially when you stated you say some things that make people "uncomfortable"!...just by being who who you are and what you feel. I know what you mean..but as time goes on I've come to realize that when people react that way you just might have said something so profound and so true that in the "social order" of things most people just can't handle the "truth". Theh have their blinders on and "walls" and would prefer to stay that way so you woke them up for a!..what a gift hey!?

Enlightenment often can be rather uncomfortable for some..nevertheless continue on with your wonderful journey.