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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Just a fun post to welcome Saturday. Though it's just past noon, I've been languishing around since 7:30 am or so reading "The Bronte Letters" in bed, getting up and down to feed food and treats to Tuffy, letting him in and out 3 times already. He seems to like that hot weather that was yesterday--above 90!! Not me! I will strive to keep the air cond higher than I would prefer, but it won't be easy for old Asthmeralda here! I could always stick my head in the freezer as in years past, eh? Last winter we managed to keep the thermostat near 60-62 deg most the time and even had our budget plan bill lowered! Not so easy with the heat for me, but I will do my best. It thundered and lightning'd last night and poured heavy rain, beating down my beautiful peonies. I think it must be the lot in life for peonies to bloom and then heavy downpours to hit! There are so many beautiful flowers blooming and me without film! (sorry, not a digital person yet) I will have to go get some today for sure. One thing I did last night, when it rained so hard, I walked out onto the front porch in my white cotton slip (turned into a comfy sundress by simply moving the waistline above the bazunkas!) and stood there staring up into the rain, as it pelted me with chilling cold splashes that just made me remember doing the same in the same yard when I was real young, me and my brother, with our bathing suits on, splashing in the mud puddles in the driveway, and running all around the yard, energized by the thunder and lightning, and pushing the limits of how long two little barefoot chillens should be out in an electric storm. All that from walking out in the rain for a few minutes. I came back in just so refreshed and energized and laughing! It was great fun--but then the older I get, the less it takes for me to call "fun" fun. And that, to me, is a great thing!
Enjoy your weekend, Bloggies, and know that your SisSTAR Kylita is rootin' for ya and sending a big MMMUUUUAAAAHHHHHH! Kiss! XOXO
KLH - Keep Laughin' Honey!


Dancin' Fool said...

What a lovely memory to recall. I have similar memories as I love to be in the rain and it always makes me laugh!

Your sculptured logs are fabulous and he looks to be wincing as the cat climbs down with claws extended!

Second Edition said...

Oh, how I miss thunder and lightening storms. New Mexico has so much beautiful drama in the sky...makes me homesick just thinking about it. Maybe it's time to stop licking my wounds and go home for a visit.

Sandpiper said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! It went from gorgeous blue skies to nearly dark conditions in no time flat here! I've never seen so much lightning in my life.