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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

It's 2:30 am and I'm winding down from watching several movies and just ending with a Globe Trekker series from Britain, ending in Wales (where some of my ancestry was from). The language sounded wonderful and the rocky mountains were awesome. Just after midnight I had to take a flashlight and go out and find Tuffy Boy out in the orchard on the picnic table. There's a large vacant area on the west side of that where loud rap music (sorry, ick) was playing and laughter and voices were heard...and me in my nightie with our motion detector light coming on. But I wanted to have Tuffy and me sing Happy Father's Day (to the tune of Happy Birthday) to Jeff ("Daddy" to Tuf). That went well and the offer of making my special oatmeal in the morning before he goes off to a Detroit Tiger's baseball game did also. So I better get myself to bed pretty soon! The photo here is of a glass plaque that Jeff gave to me years ago that I took hanging in the living room wall. He truly is my best friend...and that says a lot, since I consider myself fortunate to have some pretty really good and special friends. Today we both went and got haircuts together. It's the first time in our 22 yrs of marriage that's happened, but also it's the 1st time I can remember having a professional haircut two times in one year - ha ha!!! I usually hack away myself (at his also...I am pretty cheap, but then you get what you pay for, eh?) Of course, we went for our near-weekly visit to Sally's (Salv Army) and happily found bargains. Now he's asleep and Tuffy's here on the desk next to me. We just heard loud thunder and stared at each other a few seconds. I reassured him with a few pats. Today Jeff and I also stopped at the cemetery to show him my folks' headstone had been placed better after sinking down and I bid my father a happy father's day...I wish I would've remembered to take some of the gorgeous peonies to place in the built-in vase as I've had 3 or 4 vases full of them thru the house since the heavy rainstorms beat them to the ground. There are two, one deep burgundy and the other a pale pink that smells more like a rose, both of which I had bought for myself over 30 yrs ago and hadn't gotten them planted and my parents had come for a visit, seeing the poor things in their containers turning brown, when I talked my dad into taking them home to plant and try to resurrect them. Well, those are the ones growing here now where we live...resurrected indeed. I carefully removed the petals that were starting to fall and saved them in the hopes of trying my hand at making my own paper. I'm such a procrastinator and there's no "dad" to save that project for me, so it's me or no such thing. I'll keep you posted! It is my feeling that men can be mothering and women can be "fathering?" and vice versa, so to all my bloggie souls out there, I sincerely wish all of you Happy Father's Day ... with fond memories of moments from the past. Hold those good to your heart and blow the chaff away.
SisSTAR loves ya! KLH-Keep Laughin' Honey! xoxoxoxo


jeff said...

Thank you for the haircut Saturday, and for everything else. Also for being my best friend. 23 years ago we met in your parents driveway and it has been a dream come true to spend our lives together. I love you very much !!

Kylita said...

Thanks, Jeff Mo (Dana's nickname for ya) ... yep! I'd forgotten it was Father's Day when we met in the driveway. And to think I was out there searching all over the place kissing those toads trying to find my Prince ... and when I met you I kept asking you,"Where's your White Horse?" Hope you have a great day at the ballgame. Now I'm going back to bed since we've had the oatmeal ;oD