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Monday, July 5, 2010

fireworks done, now happy birthday, babe

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!
You and Huey Lewis and Robbie Robertson ;oD
Don't have a current photo, but this
one a few years ago will
have to do!
You are more handsome
every year, Darlin', and
we've had quite a fun weekend,
haven't we??
Too bad we've nearly obliterated
your German chocolate
birthday cake!
Should've known better
than to make it a day early!
ha ha!!
Love you, Sweetheart,
and it has been my privilege
to celebrate this
with you!
(Sorry, I have no sympathy
for you feeling "old"
since I'll always be
older than you!)
You're just a Babe!
Love from,
Wifey and Tuffy


Dancin' Fool said...

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Rhiannon said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! Your so lucky to have such a cool "wifey" from SisStar of the Code!..:o)

Blessings for many more Birthdays for you to come Jeff.