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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Friday, July 24, 2009

TGIFF again!

Tuffy Boy, my wild child
Last I saw him he was sitting on top of a really big blue bird. Well, it was my car, actually, my '94 T-bird, but driving around with paw prints on it is somewhat humiliating to the poor vehicle. It has a personality, you know. Tuffy just thinks he's all powerful sitting on top of a big giant bird, so, whatever!
news flash!!!
Just got a call from our friend who is, shall we say, incarcerated? But the conversation was so awesome. So often he tries to call us but we're not here and miss his calls. Then there's the perfect moment in time when the conversation, albeit short, flows nonstop until the operator cuts us off. He is able to have new books sent to him so I am excited to go out and order one to send. He has lots of time on his hands and has taken it as the perfect moment to study many, many religious beliefs with an open mind (which he did not used to have). We've talked about many metaphysical subjects and at this moment in time, we resonate so well in that department. I am happy for him that he can use this time to improve his outlook on life. He never would've taken the time in this "outside world".
news flash!!
Went to our grand nephew's high school graduation party last Saturday and took my sister-in-law. For the most part it was awesome and very enjoyable, until the subject from our nephew we dearly love turned into right-wing politics and rhetoric at the speed of light frothing out of his mouth. I couldn't take it! I thought for sure I was going to have heart palpitations! He seemed like a badger coming at me left and right when all I wanted to do was BE peace, love, happiness, enjoying my in-laws and celebrating the occasion. Once again it opens my eyes to the fact that we do not always get from those we love that which we would want but we get what they are willing or needing to give us. I made a real "funny" today when I told Jeff that I thought what was happening was close to Aunt Abuse ... and then I realized that sounds just like Antabuse, the medication alcoholics take to keep them from drinking. That could be real appropriate here as I believe the "silver tongued devil" spewing forth was quite 5 sheets to the wind and my own little "Year of the Rabbit" persona self just didn't want to put up the necessary fight against the diatribe. Let the bigots laugh and joke like they need to/want to/must ... me and mine, we will Honor those Higher Selves I see in others, whether they manifest that goodness or not, well, that's not for me to demand. Highest blessings to you, Nephew ... you won't be reading this, unfortunately, but if you would calm down enough, I would say it all to you...but I might not live to see that day, Mr. HyperSonic!
Tomorrow is my 39th high school reunion....I signed on for it soon as the postcard arrived, being brave, being foolish, being ....what? Anyway, it is 1967-1971 so that intrigued me. It sure wasn't easy growing up in the late '60s and graduating in 1970...I doubt it's easy any time. Who would ever think that after Vietnam there would be other wars to follow? Call me a fool, but I think we need to raise our consciousness from Neanderthal--but, actually, they could've had great attitudes, just rough going out there jabbing at Woolly Mammoths with tree limbs whittled into spears! There's a lot of mental whittling of spear points going on today still ... jib jab, jib jab.
I once again repeat my Buddhist Pagan "prayer" for anyone who is in need of it:
May you be held in deepest compassion.
May your suffering and pain find ease.
May you be at peace.
May you live in joy.
God/dess Within
Teach Tolerance!
Love from


Muhd Imran said...

"May your sufferings & pain find ease"

That is profound. I wish to remember that and be at peace instead of panicky trying to find solutions for everything that has gone wrong.

Just like the friend that has much time on his hands now... he can find serenity and hopefully himself in that process.

The nephew with lots of supersonic opinions is never anybody's fight. He knows he has a great Auntie.

Happy Weekend!

Rhiannon said...

Yes, I know how it goes with those "emotional darts" SisStar Kylita. Why do so many have to keep doing this? To convince themselves they are right or to others? I think it's the for themselves to be honest with you. They must keep reminding themselves.

I hope you will e-mail me and let me know how the high school reunion went. Please tell me the real story. I'm interested!

I'm so proud of you for did it hey!!?? Good for you.