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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, July 11, 2009

seven eleven

I think I need to take some new pictures! I was browsing through mine and, well, you've seen 'em all before. So this was a cartoon I "happened upon" awhile back that tickled me. Let's see, we could talk about "self destructive tendencies" ... how about I ate a whole row of Fig Newtons tonight!? or last night for dinner I had 1/2 pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia and 1/2 pint of Swirled Peace (actual fudgie peace symbols in there!?) ... yeah, I was BAD, very BAD! Since Mama died there's just no one to tell me not to do some of these things my hedonistic self keeps doing. I have the resolve of a gnat! I am an undisciplined overgrown brat woman! I could say, "I'll do better tomorrow..." but it already IS tomorrow! And conditions don't look good, but I know "shrimp" of some sort is on the horizon -- maybe "shrimp on the barby!?" Just how DID my mother make those 3 squares a day plus bake desserts and snacks and do all those other domestic goddess stuff? I seemed to have shunned all that and it is quite a struggle to force myself to be a good haus frau ... a struggle, do you hear me? It isn't that I cannot make delicious and/or healthy cuisine, and I can appreciate that and all, but it is really difficult for me to make the day-in-and-day-out 3 squares ... more like grazing day- and night-long - moooooooo. I found the absolute cutest little tiny table at "Sally's" yesterday during "Super Senior" 33% discount day! Ha! The joys of being 57! I scrambled around like a madwoman in search of that certain "something" that would be calling out my name in the 20 minutes I had from arrival to closing time ... and, voila! there it was, this cute little "made in china" "4 lb max limit" table with a bottom shelf and a little glass door ... just what I wanted for my bathroom, to stash some toity paper and wash cloths in and also embellish with a lilac scented candle, 2 bluebirds, a little tiny "First Aid for the Soul" book. I put a tiny hand towel behind the glass door with frilly lace so it looks like a curtain. Oh, it's just so cute. And it cost me $6.38. It thrilled me quite enough for one shopping spree.
I had a dream a few days ago that a boss I worked for quite awhile back was standing in a doorway and we hugged and I told him, "I'm sorry you died." I didn't know he'd died in "real time" life so I promised myself I'd google the local paper in his vicinity and check out the obituaries. That was a trick I learned from him as he was a probate attorney... check the obits! Well, turns out he had died ... Feb 2008. I never knew. He fell off his roof clearing away a tree that had fallen in that very icy winter and received a bad head injury. I don't know all the details, but I know it felt all brand new to me, and it made me sad. I was glad that I had the dream and that I called the old office number and spoke to his wife ... because after nearly 1-1/2 yrs, probably quite a few others have absconded with their "sympathy" wishes and to me it was fresh, very new and fresh, and I could sincerely let her know I felt heartbroken to hear that news. I hope to go visit her and their daughter someday before too long. Mr. P was such a great guy, and I felt proud to work for him. How about that! An ethical and honest attorney! When my mother died, it helped to be working for a probate attorney ... and that he was a real estate attorney helped when we chose to buy my mother's home. I found out my mother had died sitting in his office on his phone. It's funny how those we work with through the years leave such impressions on us. Some of my greatest friendships have been and still remain those that I have been privileged to be coworkers with ... or employees of. They are like families to me, families I rarely see or converse with, yet I know them like family.
To all of you out there kind enough to read through this post, I hold you in my heart like Family, good family. Thank you for being there, even if we've never met, even if I'll never know you even read these words. Highest and best blessings...
from your SisSTAR XOXO


jeff said...

It's hard to accept responsibility for ones self, your always looking over your shoulder to wait for that order to quit doing this or that, thats not good for you,or why are you doing that?, etc., etc.
There certainly has been a lot of people who have left us over the years, and more to come.
I love you , Kyle.

Muhd Imran said...

It is really amazing that he came into your dream to tell you goodbye.

It must have been wonderful for his wife to receive your call telling her how wonderful a man her husband was.

You're a beautiful soul. So glad I got to know you.

Rhiannon said...

Your hubby sure loves you Kylita! Lucky lady...

Sally's sounds like a really cool store..I would love to go there! That little bathroom cabinet deal sounds so cute with the little glass door. I'm looking for shelves to put on wall to put my fragile things on and one for the bathroom also so not to be so overwhelmed with "where to put all this stuff I use"?

I've had those kind of dreams before then I wake up and wonder, only to find out like you that they had recently died or died over 6 months ago...our pychies are very sensitive to "whats going on" I know how that goes. Don't you hate being so sensitive sometimes?

I know that a lot of people like to eat what they call "comfort food" it makes them feel me and chocolate and warm stew soup, or buttered popcorn, or my turkey spaghetti! Or ham, I always crave ham so I get thiese large thick slices of ham precooked and all I have to do is put in microwave for one minute and then put it next to my scambeled eggs and toast on my plate. I don't eat breakfast much get up to late end up with "breakfast lunch".

Well I hope to hear from you soon. Hope you'll drop by my blog as I'm celebrating my 4th year of blogging.

Hope your doing okay SisStar Kylita and take good care of yourself.



Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

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I also feel that my lawyer is my best friend thses days...

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