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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Kylita said...

too toe was supposed to be on my sidebar but I goofed ... so his twin sister, too toe two, had to step in and take over that spot. (get it? "Toto, too?")
I used to have Powder the Bunny and Vladimar the Bat but they ran/ flew off ;o(

Muhd Imran said...

Too Toe doesn't wake up when I touched him. Does he wake up to feed or anything? I burst some of his dream "Zs." Oops!

Thank you for your comment in my blog about our "adopted" cat, Lola.

Yes, I remember your post about Tuffy Boy and how it came to your lives. Truly wonderful moment which I don't think was simply coincidental.

What I did not post was my Sis' older cat. Her cat of 9 years is suffering from a tumor on her belly. The Vet is not able to do anything for her, so she is dying.

This little female is most probably the one to take her place.

I don't call it coincidence because Sis was saying she had not encountered a cat at her front door asking for food and to be let in before this for the past 9 years.

What I do know is that this is simply amazing!

The weekend is very near... have a great one with Hubby!

Dancin' Fool said...

Welcome Too Toe Two! I love your new blog header image, how did you do that?

Rhiannon said...

Wow! It's Pink in here! I love it! When I saw our cyber pet and clicked on the site and tried to get the fish took forever as I didn't know what I was doing. I've tried that one before and was never successful. Once I got the my pet fish on the sidebar I checked it out and it was half cut off! I've done this before and I then thought "oh no now what do I do"? I remember Lydia told me that you can go in the layout edit it's in and change the size to smaller if it's too big to fit in blog for some reason. So, I kept trying and trying and trying..and with this ole ancient pc..what a stressful mess! But just when I was about to give up I was successful!

Thanks for putting your cyber pet on your blog so I could finally go back and try to adopt my little fish friend again. I'ts been two years since I unsucessfully tried it then.

You can come by and feed my little "Femangelfish" anytime.

Hope your doing well. It's been very hot here every single day after day after day..wearing me out..I don't go good in the hot heat with the medical problem I have, supposed to stay away from the afternoon sunlight. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

Oh, I do want to do that embellish photo thing for your cat tuffy but can't on this pc..I also have a pic of your guys house and had added some text to it and was still working on it when my laptop pc crashed..maybe one day I will get it repaired. Takes money to ship it off to the person who will repair it and they are procrastinators big time..but I cannot complain as they are nice to offer to do this for me..but must wait to ship it off for a I figure I might have it shipped back to me by Decemeber maybe..he he..:o)..could be.

I'm going to e-mail you about no longer having a p.o. box address..will send you my new residence address soon.

Love you SisStar Kylita, stay cool!

Love, Rhi

Rhiannon said...

p.s. I meant in my last comment at the beginning.."When I saw our cyber pet", I meant when I saw "your cyber pet", sorry I wanted to correct that error..