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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, my dear Husband

The 4th of July was fun with a trip to Borders Books where we sampled tiny "S'mores" coffees and each chose our fun purchases (Jeff got Derek Trucks and Vintage Fleetwood Mac CDs, I got him a new 2009 Leonard Maltin Movie Guide and for myself a Metaphysical Gemstone guide to add to my many others--I LOVE rocks!) and we then went to "Sally's" ... Salvation Army store, 50% off sales for the holiday. Actually went again an hour before they closed to get even greater sales as it's about half a mile from our home. On the way back home there were fireworks all over the place from private homes and though it was sorta pretty, and afterall it WAS the real 4th of July, I couldn't help but feel sad for the pets who feel traumatized and the wild animals out there--the mama deer and her fawn who come around, the bunnies and their babies, etc. There is a huge Albanian Catholic church real close to our home also that was having a celebration and the Middle Eastern music was loud and I loved it. I was dancing out in the orchard in the dark with the fireflies for my OWN personal fireworks and some neighboring homes blasting off big boomers. It all calmed down pretty much by 11 pm, thank goodness. At midnight we were watching TV when I noticed the time and sang Happy Birthday to Jeff. He just kept saying, "55!" I told him he married me because I was older than him and would always tell him he was just a baby. Heck, when my dad was 55, I was only 9!!! so it all sounds pretty young to me. We're going to the movies first thing tomorrow (his birthday) to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. He earned a free ticket the last movie we went to ... which was "UP" an awesome movie and seen in 3D! Hoping for some lighthearted entertainment and then going to pick out a pecan pie for Jeff's BD "cake". I wanted to bake him a cake but it's not in the picture ... (sorry, honey!) We are going to Mr. B's for his free BD dinner ... today we went to Famous Dave's, a BBQ restaurant our friend sent him a gift card to. Yum! Couldn't eat that food too often! but it was good for the special occasion. Also going to buy more bird food, esp stocking up on suet cakes as the birds are feeding babies now and those are going so quickly...and getting a new bird feeder. Jeff is so good at keeping all the feeding locations filled...he is such a wonderful, warm, caring and loving person and I am very blessed to have the privilege of being his wife. His coworkers all signed a card for him and his sisters and niece sent their unique sense of humor in cards, friends have called singing happy birthday songs on the phone machine, and we know a special gift is on its way from St Ignace! (we love you more infinity, CJ! and "Happy A-Day to you, too!") Thank you from my blog friend in Singapore for remembering his birthday also! With his son, wife and himself all just having birthdays, it'll be nice to think of remembering all of them at this time of year for a long time. Even Tuffy the cat came in just after midnight to wish "Daddy" a happy birthday then he wanted in the garage to flop down on his blankets and sleep for the night. It was probably quite exhausting being out there with the fireworks going off all over! (with his girlfriend we named "Creamy" ... he's not always very nice to her but we are trying to keep her fed just the same).
Well, hope all of you have a good night's sleep. I know I'm hoping for that! and that your weekend has been fun, safe and loving. Many blessings going out there to my Bloggie Souls, with love from Your SisSTAR xoxoxoxo


Muhd Imran said...


The skies lit up beautifully for your Hubby. Have a great time tomorrow!

Thanks for the mention. You're such a sweet soul. I am happy to be your friend!

Rhiannon said...

Oh "Happy Birthday dear Jeff Happy Birthday to you"!

No worries about age. My ex was 4 years younger than me. And I've never had a serious relationship with a man my age or "older"..weird huh?

Hope your 4th of July was Happy! Hope Jeff and you are having fun tonite...

Yes, I feel for the animals also. Lizzie for some reason has never gotten frightened with 4th of July or New Years Eve! Yet she is very scared of sounds coming from the inside of our apartment complex and in my friends house that we lived. Strange huh?

Love you SisStar Kyle and have a good one to the "younger dude" in your life, Jeff.

Love, Rhi

Rhiannon said...

oops! I meant "SisStar Kylita"..:o(

Rhiannon said...

Oh, and one more thing. Tell Jeff that the "Best Birthday Gift" he has is "You" SisStar!