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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flowers for the Smeltzer Families


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

what lovely flowers! Did you take all these pics yourself?

Here's something for you:

and that's where I've just been:

and you might wanna read this as well:

How are you doing, my dear?
are you enjoying the lovely weather?
it's been very warm here last weekend, but we still had ice and snow in Lapland...

Rhiannon said...

Well, we got my ancient old compaq presario connected..but not compatbile anti-virus for windows wanted to just come and comment here and say I love all the beautiful flower pics. Did you take them all? I especially love the first one as I have that on my dresser in my bedroom and see it every day.

Going to listen to the lovely cd you sent to me tonite with my headphones when I get into bed.

Can't wait until I wash the beautiful large "fluffy" burgundy towels and take a shower and wrap their comfort and beauty around me..:o))

I really hope you can come visit me one day..did I tell you I actuall found a loveseat couch at the good will for 32 dollars! senior citizen discount that day..and my friends had a large cool desk they were going to put outside thier house and sell and I said "wait a minute' got my tape measure out and knew it would fit into my living's all my pretty things and such up on the top of it and it all just puts the whole living room'm feeling more "Homey" each day goes by.

We are having huge wild thunderstorms here and I keep finding myself out in them at the gorcery store wind wild making my read unbrella go flip up and try to pull me up like Mary poppins and trying to get my groceries in my car as the wind and rain and thunder and lightening went crazy..funny this happened about two weeks ago grocery shopping too same thing happend when I put the groceries in my car! Wow! Nature is calling me or trying to tell me something..???..and instead of getting upset or frustrated I found myself laughing hysterically about it all..wet hair wild wind..pusing my car door shut not letting my get my bags in so funny...wish you could have seen me..drowned rat..

Okay I have a couch (well love seat) so now you can come vist and put your feet up to hang over the arm I guess..he he..

Love you,

Hope you are enjoying life..sounds like you are really feeling and loving spring.

I connected wtih you here because it's more difficult on this old pc to retrieve or do e-mail..

Thank you again so much for the lovely gift was so much fun to unwrap and "ooh and ahh" at each and every little felt like Christmas time!

love Rhi

Muhd Imran said...

Awesome photos!

These flowers create wonderful feelings of warmth and joy. It must be a wonderful day out in late spring.

Kylita said...

Yes, I did take all the photos of my own flowers, but it wasn't this year's blooms. Thanks for all your all mean a lot to me and I appreciate you stopping by. I will be stopping at your blogs soon also.
Kyle xo
p.s. the weather is getting beautiful! and the pansies and tansy (cute rhyme, eh?) are blooming in their purple pots on my little front porch ... and the yellow Chinese irises and yellow groundcover is blooming around the pond with one purple iris blooming in the pond and two tiny little pink waterlilies ... plus a little bullfrog. life is good ... and I wish you all the best also.