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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Can Tell It's Spring....

... I opened my gas bill just now and had a credit balance from our budget plan so no pmt this month AND the budget $$ for next yr is $7 cheaper per month! Yeah! I guess 60 degrees all winter long helped out and me being such a Red Hot Mama and all, well, it was just no big thang! Now to keep the air cond at a "reasonable" temp. Hey! I don't mind being cold, but I don't like being hot (despite the Red Hot Mama discrepancy above).
It felt so good to mow the lawn today. We have our old trusty Toro rider and it takes me about 2 hrs to do it, and Jeff winged his weed wacker all over the place, so we made a good team. He's been doing so much yard work, I just wanted to help him out. We found some big patches of wild strawberries so we are mowing around those and wacking the weeds off above them in hopes for some luscious berries ... except, gee, we have so many birds and critters all over, it'll be a toss up. Will be time to make rhubarb sauce or "crisp" soon - yum!
Bought 4 purple pots, 2 very large, and planted gorgeous giant pansies in them, with purple daisies, some perennial tansy, etc. The dark purple iris featured here is blooming in more quantity than ever before, and our lilacs are a a heady scented "bower" as we drive in the driveway, as well as a mammoth 20' "bush" in the other acre we see from our living rm. Best blooms ever. And then there's the damned poison ivy. Gotta do something about that. Sprayed it last yr and it did well, but came back hardier than ever. Tuffy thinks it's cute to walk around in it and then come in and rub on us...real nice!
Wish us luck that we can get all the flower beds transplanted where they're too thick and try and keep the shintangle from overgrowing us. Someday you might find us sitting in the living rm, the TV long run out of juice, with spider webs all over us, remotes in our hands, with grape vines, wild rose and blackberry canes, poison ivy, sumac and deadly nightshade consuming our house, blocking the windows and doorways, the cotton poplar billowing cotton fronds all over the roof ... can't you just see it now? So please! please wish us luck that we can get this jungle under control (and then there's my bedroom!)
I have missed all you bloggies ... if there's any of you left out there in my absence. I used to have a small fan base of 1 or 2 people, but, alas, I could be The Lone Blogger - Hi Ho Silver, and away.........^;^ meow
Love from your SisSTAR xoxo
Enjoy your Springtime ... it is so fleeting, sort've like life itself!


Rhiannon said...

I'm still here Sistar Kylita! Not going anywhere..:o)

Sounds like you and Jeff are really working hard on your yard...all the flowers sound so very lovely. Take some more photos of all the flowers!

I couldn't help but laugh at your description of growing cobwebs in the house with the remote in your hands, and wild flowers all growing in your house, etc..etc..I started to picture that!

Well, I know it's all so overwhelming to do all that work isn't it? Take it easy when you can..sit out in a nice chair and feel the breeze(when it comes) and sip on some nice homemade sun tea in a tumbler filled with ice and a wedge of lemon to top it off!

I've got some beautiful large trees outside my apartment windows and I can see some mountains and beautiful puffy white clouds and the temps have cooled down now. My parked car is under one of those trees and my car is a big "sticky" mess of gooey tree gunk all over it for the last few weeks. Once the blooming is over I will then wash my car somewhere but not yet!

Hope you have a lovely weekend SiStar.

Glad you liked my recent post on the parallel universe info. If you look up the title of this PBS show in the web site you will be able to find it and watch if in video if your pc can do pc is too slow and hesitates if I try that..I hope it will work with you..or maybe PBS might rerun that show soon!

Love to you Kylita,


Second Edition said...

You are never alone, Sister. Thank you for the promise of Spring. It's long in coming here on the blustery Coast. Maybe by September...