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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Watch and listen to Joni Mitchell ... gorgeous Robbie Robertson

I was watching some awesome Grand Funk Railroad on my SisSTAR Rhi's blog and decided to search a few things also ... we've enjoyed watching mott the hoople, savoy brown, spooky tooth, and now I choose to post this one. Please click ... she was always one of my favorites and I always loved learning all the lyrics and it wasn't all that easy sometimes. Ever hear the Dry Cleaner from DeMoines? Enjoy... love, SisSTAR xoxo (don't let the stars get in your eyes, don't let the moon break your heart, Darlings!)


Rhiannon said...

I love Joni...this is not my favorite though but it is good. My fav by Joni "Troubled child" I put the song video from youtube in my blog a few months ago..a lot of that song I love because it is so "me" and maybe "you" a bit too.

Robbie Robertson...ooohh..there is a video he did.."down the lazy river" think it's called..where he sings and "talks" about this "wild" story and his voice is so sexy and there is this other singer woman artist with him and they make out a bit..have you ever seen it? It's very interesting.

Well, its Sunday the day was not so restful I was out most of day taking care of things I got behind know how that goes when you attempt or "Do" take a few days play catch up!

I try to e-mail you tomorrow..can't believe you mentioned all those things you got! How did you know I "desperately" needed a cutting board? This kitchen is very very figuring out ways to store things in and such.

Got myself a new hypoallergenic pillow today for 5 bucks at big lots..and a drainer holder to put your dishes in after you wash them..I don't have much silverware so wash them all day..still looking for what the style I want to get at a used store.

I'm excited about decorating and after getting necessities will be looking for some used artwork for my empty walls..I want this place to start looking like "ME"!

You have a great week and Jeff..and by the way tell Jeff he can find all kinds of GFR on youtube..just type in search what song he wants in there and he will probably find or from the albums.

All for now..aren't you tired..bed time sleep sleep to get my earplugs in now.

Love you my dear friend,


Anonymous said...

You are a Blogger Girl - I am impressed and Bow to You.

A Secret High School Admirer from the Past.

You Started Your Yearbook Rant with Dear _ _ _ _ Baby!!! With various ending flirtations like "Don't Drop It In The Mud !! Amongst other things, including a drawing of a furry type mammal with a long flat tail. HAHAHAHAHA