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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Poem just rediscovered

July Moon with Lily in Hand
Standing alone near the pond
in the middle of the yard
toes getting wet in dewy grass
Wearing only that knife-pleated
purple lace nightie
see-thru and cut to her ass
with the Full Moon in Capricorn
Sun now in Cancer--
opposing oppositionals
As the sliver of cloud
traced the lips of the Moon as it
lit up the white of her hair
She sang "when the
deep purple falls"
to the sleepy stone wall
while three verses of Summertime
She was awestruck with passion
and grateful for
one day
when living was easy and slow
swaying softly and singing
in the Guatemalan hammock
adorned with purple ropes
she could tell that
the knife-pleats were
cutting a swath
as the Moon's face shed sad
woman tears
Holding a lemony lily
condemned to only
one day of life on the vine
she kept singing to the sky
a swell of tears in her eyes
knowing full well
that Life wasn't fair
but she waited and sang
and lie down as she languished
in the deep purple night
in a deep purple gown
with that yellow lily
in hand
her voice was quite clear
resonating beyond
her lost dreams taken hostage
that night
a one-woman band
dying bloom in her hand
while the Moon shone and then
faded on.
-klh 7/15/03


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

good poem and such a lovely picture!!!

I've got an award for you:

and would it be possible for you to sign up somewhere on my blogs as a follower?
Would make it easier for me to follow you.

Am on facebook now as well, but lost your link...

How about blog-link-exchange?
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love, Sarah Sofia

Rhiannon said...

In a word the poem is just "Beautiful"..

Love, SisStar Rhi