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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Friday, June 19, 2009


Ah, 2:39 quiet, so peaceful...Tuffy sleeping here in the "Blue Room" with only the white glare of the computer and a tiny teal lamp beaming on him. He is gracing me with his presence.
Photo is a vignette of the kitchen, guess I should've posted it when the Red Wings were "hot" so long ago ;o(
Not much to say, but wanted to be here, a place where I collect my thoughts and my photos and share them out in the "ethers" (ether that or I just make an ath of mythelf!)
In the morning going to see UP at the Disney 3D with some friends-rated 5-star! Jeff and I took "vacation days" his first since last Sept and I don't remember when for me, except thankful for holidays now and then (but, oh, how I wish neighbors wouldn't blow off fireworks, ie bombs! and scare all the wildlife out there...and pets, dogs who are tied to doghouses and perhaps the baby fawn born just a day or two ago who rested down in "The Garden" (an acre that Dad used to grow and now we mow).
Got to talk to an old friend from high school tonight ... it was so much fun laughing about dumb shit we did and cracking up. Also left a msg for my ex-husband who is very ill ... felt good when he left a msg back. I will call him soon to talk. He has end stage cirrhosis and it's been 2 yrs. He sounded weak but he is strong in many ways.
Got to catch up on our days, my darlin' and me, and watch an episode of "Firefly". I feel so blessed to live here in the home I grew up in, married to my brother's good friend, with a cat who bought his "Paw" the collector's edition of Serenity...the movie that ties up the loose ends of the Firefly series for "Paw's Day" Sunday. (We'll use any excuse to get and give gifts around here! ;oD)
So...Bloggie Souls...have yourselves a very fine weekend and hold those dear to you in your hearts and let 'em know you are. I care ... I even care about myself! My cup runneth over and over and ...oh, yeah, it's 2:52 am now. Still quiet, still peaceful. Ahhhhhh....sigh.....'night, now.


Kylita said...

Duh-leaving my own comment-ha! Reread my post from "last night" and realized it is NOT our pet dogs tied to doghouses but neighbors behind us that we can't see thru trees and shrubs, but we know they're there. Poor dogs.

Rhiannon said...

Sistar Kylita,

I love your little pic of part of your kitchen..all warm and "homey" looking. My place is starting to look more homey too..slowly but surely.

Did you notice the photo of Nathan Fillion I had on my blog? About his new show "Castles" and it's going to be renewed on abc? Over winter I found myself watching the Firefly series late at night one night and got hooked! Then rented the rest of the series at blockbuster and then rented "Serenity" bad the show didn't last too long but there are sure a lot of us fans!

Did I already tell you about what I just wrote above? My memory is bad sometimes the more I have to do or take care of the more I forget at's just a tired brain with "too much info" I am pretty sure. I hope so! I'm sorry if I already wrote you about Firefly..I've loved Nathan since he was first on one life to live..what a cutie..but also he's got this charming charismatic way about him in his acting and that crooked smile. And he sure was good as the captain on firefly wasn't he?

I hope you and hubby enjoy kicking back and relaxing enjoying the movies..get out your popcorn!

I've just made my popcorn and pulled one of my movies out that I've watched probably 9 times already in the last 5 years. Tonite its "The Mirror has two faces" with Barbra Streisand and Jeff Bridges. Have you ever seen that one? It's so very cute and I love the end when they are dancing in the street and that song by Brian "I finally found someone"..

Okay, nittey nite, have a beautiful weekend,

Love, Rhi

Dancin' Fool said...

Hey Bud, what a great post, I love posting late into the night too when the world is quiet, all souls tucked up in bed, except for a few bloggers!

I loved Serenity but have still not watched Firefly, must get round to that. I also liked Nathan Fillion in the last series of Buffy although he was not so nice in that! Still a mesmerising character though.

We watched a Robert Redford film yesretday, Jeremiah Johnson, and commented on how mesmerising he was as an actor, he has one of those faces you just cannot take your eyes off. I also feel the same about Eli Wallach (we watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly lastnight!) I find his face fascinating and beautiful! I certainly don't agree with the Ugly associations with that film but neither is he good or wholey bad!

Anyway getting back to the point I love watching Nathan Fillion, he always has a captive audience in our house. Must, must get Firefly!

I am also pleased to here from Rhiannon that he is in a new show Castles, I will be checking that out later!

Well my friend I have been rambling on! I hope this finds you will and happy. For now have a freat weekend, BYE!

Second Edition said...

I love this corner of your world, especially the orange pitcher. What are you doing up so beauty sleep? A busy, creative mind, perhaps? Love to you.