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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Video by Shakespears Sister "Stay"

I hope you will click to watch this video. I have one cassette by them from the early '90s and just discovered videos (but don't know how to embed them so they play differently here). I found this to be intense but awesome. Hope you'll enjoy it's strangeness.

Love from,
SisSTAR Kylita


Rhiannon said...


I absolutely loved the video and had a very interesting theme to it...I love unique kind of music..I wish I could share with you all my favorites singers, lyricist and videos...happy rhodes, tori amos, clannad, sophie b.hawkins, alanis morissette.even some interesting cher ones. Courtney love has a few very good songs that I just love..people generalize with her and don't hear the good ones in her cd's they never play.

Tried to download kate bush "running up that hill" to post of my favs of hers but youtube is no longer allowing you too..I had already put it in my files but it would not play as youtube I guess gets in trouble for copyrights and they made it "unavailable" ..darn I just love that "Running up that hill" original video by you remember it?

Time for bed..the wind has bee howling like crazy tonite..and brr is the wind chill's been a long day..I so wish we lived closer...sigh.

Did you have a beautiful v day?

Love and Blessings from SiStar
"Rheial"...hehe...did I spell that right like you do?

Muhd Imran said...

Yes. An awesome song and very dramatic video. I like it very much.

Like you, I like listening to the song, and never saw the video until today. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!

Lydia said...

Hi! I saw your comment at Rhi's blog about this video and thought it had been ages since I'd heard Rita Coolidge, so I saw the video and it was great! She looks great, too. I always thought she was a class act, carried herself with a dignity not known during the 60s and 70s.
Have a great weekend! :)