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Saturday, October 25, 2008

For T Fedak-He's Been Everywhere Guy

Tonight I happened upon an interesting blog with some dry humor and amazing photos from on the road (along with some FOOs and Kitties) (you just had to be there). So I made my comment and dragged it out in my usual rapid typist manic way and promised this "T" guy that I would post this photo. It goes along with some of his great finds along the "white lines of the free, free-way"--Joni Mitchell. Sorry it isn't larger, but I just didn't want to get too close. A black hole may have sucked me in, ya never know, ya know?
All righty, then, nighty night out there from your
SisSTAR Kylita
Keep on truckin' (sorry, couldn't resist--also couldn't resist putting in lots of


lizard said...

Hey sisSTAR...haha i like that! cute :). i picked lizard because my name is elizabeth and its one of my lovely nicknames!! thanks for stopping by and adding your comments to my cute lil blog...who knew id ever actually get any?!

T Fedak said...

Thanks for being the second official visitor to my blog. Good show on the pic, am I to assume Jesus is a metamorphic rock since he did that whole rising from the dead thing? I'm glad you enjoyed my "dry" humor, usually I just hear about how much of a godless asshole I am. Speaking your mind and exposing ridiculous things for what they are tends to do that. I now find myself outside Rochester NY and had a wonderful little ride on Ms. Kitty in Danville Ny today. Found a little castle there in my explorings. Sadly I didn't find anything for the church section of the blog, not even on the Lord's day.

Rhiannon said...

"Speaking your mind and exposing ridiculous things for what they are tends to do that"...sounds like tfedak is on the right "track" so to speak!

All I can say is "lord almighty help us all"...yep!..joking are a very good writer Kylita.

I'll come and check every few post to drop by and comment when I can.

Love SiStar Rhi

Love SiStar Rhi