SisSTARS for PEACE ... Proud to be for Peace and Love...War is Not an Answer!
"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy New Year...or should I say February 1st?

In just 40 minutes it will be February 1, 2012!! Where is the time flying to?? Oh, yes, oblivion! Well, I suppose that is why some of us love to take pictures and share them with others, to hold a moment in time in our mind's eye so that when we see something interesting...or something beautiful...we can remember it in a concrete way. I have two huge dresser drawers full of photographs I have taken over the years and a friend, before she up and moved to Tennessee, near the Smoky Mtns, gave me a beautiful photo album, because she believed in my "eye" for photography ... urged me in the past to use it in a career somehow. Just as I have been told, "You could be a writer!" or "You could be a photographer!" or a "singer", etc. etc., I feel that Yes, I AM all of those! The money may have not been flowing in, but the satisfaction of some pictures and poems and songs and such have been timeless and priceless! I miss posting new photos on my computer, but our media player thingy has been broken quite a long time ... and until we update or buy another, that is as it will be. So, ever though my husband has wanted to get me a digital camera forever, I remain in love with my old Canon T-50 35 mm ... and does well for me and love the zooms ... I will join the Future someday and get a digital and figure out how to use it and how to upload photos or download or ?? and share something NEW with my beloved blog followers or facebook friends ... would really love to be brave and share some photos of MYSELF as I am right now ... at 60 years old. That is a little scary but, hey! I see this face in the mirror everyday ... and I'm getting used to her a lot more. I love my long white hair ... like to call it platinum ;o) and I make faces at before and after ... no photoshopping here! I can look grouchy, mean, cantankerous and yet also peaceful, calm, serene, blissful and even just the right moment in time, lovely..........and sometimes I am taken aback at how I can look into my blue eyes and see my mother's looking back. She had snow white hair, also, but she kept hers very short and always wanted me to, also. But I'm rebellious! I've let it grow ... even though driving in the car on a very cold winter day, with very dry air and static electricity, the whole lot of it will poof up into my face like 1,000 antennae feeling for every pore ... and I'm cursing it and trying to get it to stop being unruly ... and it just keeps flying up in my face like 1,000 granddaddy longleg spiders ... (not a fun thought, actually) ... but ... my eyes ... mom used to tell me I had "bedroom eyes" and I always took that to mean something dirty or bad ... now I have bags under my eyes from not enough sleep ... or too much stress. But the blue is still pretty clear and they see not only outside myself, but they also trust my Third Eye (and I have no color what that is...unless it is pale violet) and I see marvelous things............lovely things that I've worked hard for ... like peace and joy, love and happiness ... understanding and tolerance for others ... the utmost love and respect for sentient beings, and I hold in my heart all of you out there who are reading my words ... with this prayer/poem/affirmation, whatever you want to call it.......I've shared it before, but what comes round goes round as they say, so this is dedicated to all of you, and all the animals and birds and creatures in the sea ... Mother Earth and the Multiverses and anything or anyone at all that needs a lift up, a leg up, some upliftment today...or the days, months, years after you might be reading this...and here it goes, my SisSTARS and Brothers:
May you be held in deepest Compassion
May all your Suffering and Pain find Ease
May you be at Peace
and Live in Joy...
and Ease
and Joy
and Peace...